“Why So Curious”, a Curious George/The Dark Knight mash-up t-shirt.

Blastr lists 10 crazy, sexy, weird FAKE TV shows inside REAL sci-fi TV shows

Tom Whalen‘s latest limited edition screenprinted poster for the Mondo/Disney series is Dumbo.

Viewsonic has abandoned plans to release a Boxee-powered TV.

Created by Lawrence Chen to promote Pepsi’s short film contest, this video uses lowfi effects to freeze time.

Unreality lists 7 Non-Vampire Human Eating Predators in Movies.

EW has a photo from the Home Improvement Reunion.

Uncoached lists Five Movie Sequels So Bad You Have to See Them.

Infographic: Five Stages Of Star Wars Revisionism Fan Grief

Movieline lists The 5 Films Likeliest to Ignite a Toronto 2011 Bidding War.

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