Here is the first reveal of Spider-Man‘s new costume (in the comic books).

Furious Fanboys lists the 6 greatest Doctor Who villains.

You can get your own Official Galactic Passport by visiting

UGO lists the best television serial killers.

Green Lantern #65 offers a first look at the Oa-based Green Lanterns Corps Headquarters in the Green Lantern movie.

Furious Fanboys lists 10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Should Be Movies.

Aint It Cool News has posted a vintage photo of Steven Spielberg directing Drew Barrymore on the set of E.T..

The Sixth Wall lists 12 Classic Action Movie One-Liners and Why They Stuck.

Etsy seller Donna Terraza creates Star Wars stained glass art.

Pajiba lists The 10 Most Egregious Instances of Actors Sh*tting on their Own Films.

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