Clockwork Orange tattoo.

Leslie Hope (24) will star in ABC’s drama pilot The River, a thriller/horror drama from Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli.

Watch the movie trailer for Wayne Wang‘s new film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, based on Lisa See‘s bestselling novel, starring Gianna Jun and Li Bing Bing.

ScriptShadow reviews The Orphanage scribe Sergio G. Sanchez‘s 2010 Black List screenplay for The Impossible, about the “real life story of a vacationing family’s struggle to find each other after the infamous 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami”:

The Impossible is an emotionally draining read. And a strange one when compared against traditional storytelling practices. In the first 20 pages alone, nothing happens. And I mean nothing. The family lands in Thailand. They give each other Christmas gifts. But we don’t learn ANYTHING about these people. No problems, no issues, no eccentricities, no personality traits. It would be like getting a real-life snapshot of a family for a few hours. Chances are their interactions would be directionless and boring. … Just on a visceral level, The Impossible sticks with you. It’s a reminder that unless you’ve lived something or done a ton of research on something, you won’t be able to convey a truly realistic vision of what you’re writing about. … It’s very specific stuff that I don’t think a fictionalized account of this tragedy could’ve captured.

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Trivia: Todd Phillips actually auditioned Zach Galifianakis for Road Trip: “Zach came in and read for ‘Road Trip’ before Tom [Green] signed on. I’ve known Zach forever and I’ve always thought this guy is super. Zach always tells a funny story that on ‘Road Trip’ when he came in to meet me I said that I don’t shake hands and I had a cold. Now that he knows me he knows I was lying but I just don’t like to touch a lot of people but that he knew that and I was a total asshole but you meet a million people when you’re doing casting. They’re always sweating because they’re nervous but Zach was always the guy I had in the back of my head and thought he was great.”

Rose Byrne talks about Moira MacTaggert’s CIA connections In X-Men: First Class

Chloe Sevigny is developing a miniseries about infamous ax murderer Lizzie Borden.

Goonies tattoo.

Danny Trejo has joined the cast of Pendejo, a romantic comedy by writer/director Jairaj Walia.

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