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Warner Bros has released a second poster for Arthur. [impa]

Topless Robot lists The 15 Lamest Bobbleheads in Nerd-dom.

Mini-LOL: See proof that The King’s Speech was shot on the set of a gay porno. [vulture]

Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth talks to Indiewire about working on The Social Network: “He takes his time with the digital master. He’s a painter. He takes time to analyze the frame. You can stop the frame and make a diversity of color and density choices, use power windows to isolate parts of the frame.” You still have to get the right exposure to start with, Cronenweth reminds: “An HD Cam doesn’t change those principles. It takes all the same effort.” And shooting in the dark is always an aesthetic risk, he says: “Low levels of light is not safe photography. But it serves the story really well.”

Badass has posted this photo of an awesome DUNE Sandworm Crochet.

THR has a complete listing of all the Oscar-week parties in Hollywood.

This cool Jawa Cake was made by Cake Central Member Pkayb. [betweenthepagesblog]

The E-Advisor lists 10 Best Movie Dream Sequences.

HolyTaco lists 25 Vintage 3D Movie posters.

Lucas Till, who plays ‘Havok’ of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class prequel, spoke to JustJared about the ‘brother’ relation with Cyclops originating in the comics:

“I definitely remember wanting to be Wolverine, but Havok is a great consolation prize. I can shoot energy beams out of my entire body, and I’m the brother of Cyclops. Havok has always historically been the brother with more potential, bu because he has less control over his powers, he has always been secluded and separated.”

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