Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz and The Three Stooges Tie-In Potato Heads are coming. [bleedingcool]

Amber Heard (Zombieland) and Naturi Naughton (Highland Park) have been cast as the leads in the new NBC drama pilot Playboy. [deadline]

And here’s how Aliens should have ended…

Complex lists the top 50 comic book movies of all time… wait, there were 50 comic book movies produced?

Jimiyo created a Street Fighter/Back to the Future mash-up t-shirt. [fashionablygeek]

Bloody Disgusting lists the Top 12 Horror Movies that Deserve a Criterion Release.

Here is a two-minute movie trailer for this year’s Best Short Film Oscar nominees. [movieline]

Tom Whalen created this poster for The Terminator for The Colonial Theatre. [strongstuff]

And now its time for some Fake B-Movie-Trailers for the movies Attack of the Brain Leeches and Phil Mato: Gli Uccisori Dell’Idiota (a 1960’s Italian spy film):


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