A lot of sites are passing this clip around, which features Natalie Portman‘s dorky giggle on loop.

DreamWorks Animation has released a new poster and image from Kung-Fu Panda 2:

The Daily Loaf has a wonderful list of Sundance Film Festival classics from previous years.

HijinksEnsue takes on the recent revelation that Peter Jackson is trying to include more Lord of the Rings cameos in the prequel movie adaptation The Hobbit.

Brad Mirman, the director of The Confession web series featuring Kiefer Sutherland & John Hurt is on Twitter as @bradmirman.

Watch the first official teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated eighth season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort has announced that the Aladin-inspired Jasmine’s Flying Carpets ride will officially open at Tokyo DisneySea on July 18th, 2011. [stitch]

ToplessRobot takes a look at 10 easter eggs in the video game Epic Mickey.

Darren Aronofsky is asked by MTV if he will film The Wolverine in 3D. His response: “No comment.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is set to make her directorial debut in Wait Til Helen Comes. [THR]

Geeky Gamer Girls spotted this Doctor Who easter egg buried in an second season episode of Rugrats’ titled “Toy Palace.” [tdw]

Screenwriter Brian Koppelman (Walking Tall, Runaway Jury, Ocean’s 13) has a short story on Popcorn Fiction: “Not a Poe Fan” — described as “A bookmaker’s heavy haggles with a degenerate sucker who can’t make his payments in this excellent crime story from top screenwriter Brian Koppelman.”

Sony Pictures is posting ads in various cities stating “Roommate Wanted. Must be willing to share…everything. Killer personality a plus” along with the phone number (866) 666-6001. The ads are a viral promotion for the upcoming film The Roommate. [mashable]

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