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Pitch Perfect 2

Underestimating Pitch Perfect 2‘s Box Office; Will Pixels Be the Summer’s Sleeper Hit?

Every year we run the Summer Movie Wager, our attempt to compete to predict the domestic box office top ten for the summer Blockbuster season. Its a ridiculous contest because its not about getting close to the box office number but predicting the order of the top ten, with extra bonus points awarded if you get the positions dead-on. You can listen to our 2015 predictions here.

JC Richard Avengers Age of Ultron header

We’re only 19 days into May and already it seems like things are shaking up at the box office. Yes, the entire crew predicted that Avengers: Age of Ultron would be the #1 highest grossing film of the summer, and the film’s $372 million box office total in its first 17 days of release seems to suggest we all might have nailed it.

Pitch Perfect 1 Bellas

But we all seemed to underestimate the power of Pitch Perfect 2. The first film only made $65 million at the domestic box office, which suggested the sequel wouldn’t even make the top ten. But the sequel topped that number in the first weekend alone, pulling in $69 million in its first three days of release.

Write-in contestant Germain Lussier was the ONLY one of us to have the Pitch Perfect sequel on his final list, and even that die hard fan only put it on his wild card/dark horse list. Jeff Cannata originally had Pitch Perfect on his wild card list but decided to replace it with Fantastic Four after I brought up the first film’s box office numbers — a bad decision on his part. It’s looking like Pitch Perfect will place somewhere on the bottom half of the top ten, which will cost Dave, Jeff and I points and give Germain a small reward.

Pixels movie - Chris Columbus interview

Another point of contention on our Summer Movie Wager podcast was David Chen’s decision to put Pixels at the number #5 position — a decision mocked by Jeff. (The new Pixels trailer hit the web this morning, watch it here.) Well, Chen has been trying to back up his decision on Twitter with some fun smack talk, this morning referencing a Forbes article that says that Pixel could be the “Summer’s biggest sleeper smash.”

And yes, I said the exact same phrase on the podcast. I also gave Dave a hard time about the prediction, but included the movie in my #10 position. But the truth is no one knows how much money a film like Pixels might make at the end of the Summer. Dave’s prediction might not be as ridiculously high as I suggested, but I still don’t think it will reach the top five of the summer.

Mad Max Fury Road trailer

Despite being one of our most anticipated films of the Summer, Mad Max: Fury Road was put in the 8, 9 and 10 placements on our list (Germain didn’t even include it on his dark horse list). The film was released over the weekend to insane reviews and amazing moviegoer reactions.

Max had a pretty big $45.4 million opening weekend, but is that enough to make the top ten of the summer? Last year’s #10 film How To Train Your Dragon 2 grossed $177 million in the US, and I think this year’s #10 might have to have a higher number than that. Films generally make 3 times the opening weekend box office, which would put Max in the $130-$140 million range. However, word of mouth on Fury Road is high and it could do better than the typical multiplier. So we’ll have to keep our eyes on that one.

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