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The Heart-Wrenching Story of the Only Real Person Named in the Harry Potter Books

A first look at Settlers of Catan: The Movie

Lego TARDIS Console Room

Holy Crap, This Lego TARDIS Console Room Is Magnificent

All 95 Times Jerry Screws Up on Parks and Recreation

Barely Lethal‘ Starring Hailee Steinfeld Goes to A24, DirecTV


Best Disney shirt?

How to Fix the Oscars in 5 Easy Steps

Chris Hemsworth to Host SNL


Artist upcycles old thrift store paintings into nerdy masterpieces

Crowdfunding an Abomination with Gary Whitta (Star Wars, The Book of Eli)

Metal Mary Poppins is simply quite atrocious

Comic-Con 2015 Early Bird Hotels Are Open!


The Most Badass Game Of Thrones Steins Yet

What’s Behind the Recent Box Office Hot Streak

Academy Award-Winning Films Recreated Using Stock Footage and Vague Titles

4 Key Lessons WWE Has Learned from its WWE Network One Year After Launch

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