Daisy Ridley custom action figure and jetbike

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Header Photo: Daisy Ridley custom action figure and jetbike

Top 10 Movie Spin-offs of All Time

Women directed a third of the Sundance 2015 competition films

Outlaws t-shirt

Outlaws t-shirt

Ten Really Good Things in Film Biz 2014

There’s No Canonical Reason Stormtroopers Can’t Be Black

Akira inspired Star Wars: The Force Awakens art by Laurie Greasley

Akira inspired Star Wars: The Force Awakens art by Laurie Greasley

Happy Birthday, SMS! Best Text Messages in TV and Film

30 Great Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

Birdman art by Kitty Rouge

Birdman art by Kitty Rouge

Create your ideal James Bond film with this cast generator

How are Samurai Films Responsible for Star Wars?!?

Best Of 2014: 20 Breakthrough Performances


Movie theater creates Smaug replica

6 Reasons There’s a Black Stormtrooper in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer

Someone Used Lines From ‘Breaking Bad’ To Make The Ultimate Rap Song

9 Holiday TV Movies So Bad You Just Have to Watch Them

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