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Mike Hanlon

The Kid We Know: The homeschooled kid, and one of the few black kids in all of Derry, whose run-in with Henry Bowers makes him an instant member of the Losers’ Club.

The Adult We’ll Meet: The only member of the Losers’ Club to remain behind in Derry, he’s the town librarian and has dedicated his life to tracking the town’s evil history…and waiting for It to return.

casting adult losers club sterling k. brown

Option 1: Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown is having a moment and the It sequel should capitalize on it posthaste. The American Crime Story and This is Us star will soon appear before much larger audiences in major releases like Black Panther and The Predator. His star is on the rise. In any case, he’d be perfect for Mike Hanlon, the lone member of the Losers’ Club who remains behind in Derry to track the city’s terrifying history and prepare for the return of It. While Chosen Jacobs gets the short end of the stick as Mike in part one, the sequel should go a long way to redeeming the character – a smart, kind, and determined man who has dedicated his life (and destroyed so many of his future prospects) to keeping a promise. Brown, so charming and so smart and so naturally funny in even the grimmest scenarios, would be perfect. (Jacob Hall)

Chiwetel Ejiofor It

Option 2: Chiwetel Ejiofor

As the Losers grow up, they all leave town: all except Mike Hanlon, who stays behind and becomes Derry’s librarian. In King’s novel, it’s Mike, not Ben, who knows all about Derry’s horrific history, and when a new batch of kids goes missing 27 years after he and his friends “defeated” Pennywise, Mike calls the gang back together to try to finish the job once and for all. In my mind, Ejiofor is an ideal candidate. We know Chapter Two is going to make Mike the glue of the group that brings them all back together, and while everyone else has been out of Derry, he’s been learning about the history of It. Sure, Ejiofor could play a regular intellectual, but that’d be too easy: but an intellectual weighed down by the enormity of a town secret he learned by becoming a junkie to give him visions of the origins of an evil entity, and plagued with the knowledge that he and his childhood friends are the only ones who can stop it? Now that sounds like a challenge, and one this particular actor could turn into something haunting and memorable. (Ben Pearson)


Option 3: Jordan Peele

We know that Jordan Peele can director horror after his turn behind the camera with the acclaimed thriller Get Out from earlier this year. But now I want to see the comedian get back in front of the camera for some scares by playing Mike Hanlon. Director Andy Muschietti has said that Mike becomes obsessed with figuring out how to defeat Pennywise, which includes experimenting with some mind-altering drugs. Knowing the range of characters Peele has played on his own sketch series Key & Peele, it’s not hard to imagine the actor creating a character who feels like his mind is constantly wandering while also having a powerful intensity to defeat the evil entity known as It. This could be yet another way for Peele to show his dynamic range and make his career even more fruitful. (Ethan Anderton)

losers club kids stan

Stanley Uris

The Kid We Know: The level-headed Jewish kid who has to balance preparing for his Bar Mitzvah with fighting the monster that wants to devour him.

The Adult We’ll Meet: A happily married accountant living in Atlanta, Georgia, he takes a phone call from Mike Hanlon and chooses to slash his own wrists rather than return to Derry to confront It once more.

casting adult losers club seth rogen

Option 1: Seth Rogen

When I set out to select actors for this list, I determined not to use any huge names. No one unrealistic. However, I strongly believe there is room for a little bit of stunt casting when it comes to Stanley Uris. Since poor Stan decides to kill himself rather than return to Derry, casting a recognizable face, a friendly and likable face, only to watch him vanish into a pit of despair and desperation and take his own life within moments, could make for a remarkable scene in the sequel. So while the choice of Seth Rogen began as a joke when I started brainstorming Jewish actors to fill the shoes of Wyatt Oleff, it lingered in the back of my mind until it stuck. It would be truly painful to watch Rogen, with his mischievous grin and contagious laugh, slit his wrists in a bathtub. It would certainly set a tone. (Jacob Hall)

Michael Rosenbaum It

Option 2: Michael Rosenbaum

I’ll be real with you: I haven’t really seen Michael Rosenbaum in much of anything since the end of Smallville back in 2011. But he made such a huge impression on me in that show with his fantastic interpretation of Lex Luthor that he’s always been with me, waiting for the perfect time to toss him onto a fan-casting list just like this one. While Jacob went with a stunt casting option, I went the other way. Rosenbaum isn’t a household name, but I feel like this could be a defining moment in his career that get people to take notice of him in a way they didn’t before. Think about Donnie Walhberg’s disturbing performance in The Sixth Sense; Stan’s screen time in the sequel may be small, but it could leave people scared and scarred – and I think Rosenbaum is the right conduit to make that happen. (Ben Pearson)


Option 3: Jesse Eisenberg

Jessie Eisenberg is a pretty big star now, which might make him unattainable for a horror sequel, even one following up a movie as successful as the first chapter. But considering the fact that the role of Stan is a small one, due to the fate he creates for himself, there’s a chance the studio could get away with putting a big name in the role and surprising those audience members who don’t know what becomes of Stan by getting rid of such a big name early on. It would be like killing Drew Barrymore in the opening sequence from Scream in a way. Plus, Eisenberg has the right demeanor to expand upon what Wyatt Oleff brought to the able in the first movie. (Ethan Anderton)

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