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When you were making this movie, had you been cast in Star Wars?


Watching the movie as a Star Wars fan, the fact two characters from that movie are talking about Star Trek was kind of fun.

[Laughs] No, we hadn’t been cast yet.

Now we know you’re a big Star Wars fan, I’m a fan, J.J. Abrams a fan. When you step on that set, does it dawn on you of the importance of that? “I’m making the seventh episode of Star Wars and this will live forever?” That kind of thing? 

You totally fan out and geek out when it first happens and the moments when you arrive on set and are like “Holy shit.” But then you have to get to the meat of what you’re doing. Sure it can be a little difficult and there’s a lot of moving parts of figuring out where you fit into that thing is challenging but no, at a certain point you have to put those…

Expectations away?

Yeah but that goes with anything. If you’re already into the result you’re dead in the water.

Lots of those expectations come from online rumors. Do you go online and read those?

I’ve read a couple of them. You get excited. “What are they saying?,” you know?

I know you can’t say specifically, but do the actors know what’s going to happen to their characters if and when they go on past The Force Awakens?

Ah, I couldn’t speak to that. I don’t even know. I think generally, watching the trailer was my only confirmation that I even was going to be in this one so I have no idea. I know that people thought I was saying I was going to be in the next one which is not true. I was asked if I was excited to work with Rian Johnson. I mean of course I would. I’d be excited to work with him. I have no confirmation whether I will or not.

But as character arc thing, do you think about what might happen later?

Sure. Yeah, of course I have thoughts about what happened before, what happens now and what happens later, if anything.

With a franchise like Star Wars that has so many ramifications beyond just the movie, do you have any input on your character like you did in Ex Machina or is that pretty well defined?

It’s the same thing. You talk with J.J., the writers, we discuss it, we see what it can be, if it’s a scene be like ‘Okay this is cool, but is this an option. Is this an option?’ It’s just like any other movie in that aspect.


Now, as excited I am for Star Wars, it’s so cool that you’re in X-Men as well. What was your favorite X-Men movie going into this? I know you’re a fan of the comics.

Yeah, I know, I did, I like the film franchise a lot. I thought it was so, it was a very cool thing to cast Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. So when that first happened, that was exciting. ‘Cause when I was a kid, me and my friend would cast them all the time. We had our own like crazy casts. So that was really fun. You know, X2 I thought was pretty brilliantly done. And I really like the last one too was fantastic. I–

So all the ones by the director that you’re working with!

Well no, and the other one, the–

I’m just kidding.

I mean, the last one.

First Class is good yeah.

Yeah, First Class. The reboot with Fassbender and McAvoy, all them, yeah, they were great too.


Ex Machina is now open in limited release.

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