Blonde Bonds and Batmobiles: 7 Times Fans Overreacted

movie fan controversies

The Bat-Tank

The Film: Batman Begins (2005)

The Controversy: 16 years after losing their minds over Michael Keaton being cast as Batman, Batfans once again proved themselves to be the most, uh, passionate fandom in existence. While Christopher Nolan was still filming Batman Begins, Warner Bros. released a photo of the new Batmobile and the response was… let’s just say it was unkind. A far cry from the slick and instantly iconic designs of past movies, the “Tumbler” went under immediate fire for its busy design and tank-like build. It didn’t help that the very first photo, the image tasked with introducing this vehicle to the masses, was less than flattering.

What Happened: These days, Nolan’s more realistic take on the Batman iconography is beloved, with fans lauding his down-to-earth approach to the material. When fans saw the Tumbler in the context of the movie and noticed what Nolan was trying to do, everything clicked. When in motion (and when properly shot and lit by cinematographer Wally Pfister), this Batmobile gels perfectly with the grounded movie surrounding it. And unlike the vehicles in Burton’s movies, this one actually drove properly and turned without assistance, allowing for more dynamic action.

movie fan controversies

Flame On, Optimus Prime

The Film: Transformers (2007)

The Controversy: When it was revealed that Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots and father figure to a generation of people raised by television commercials, would be covered in flame decals in Michael Bay‘s 2007 Transformers movie, the fans revolted. They demanded that this affront to their great hero be removed. This noble warrior, this robot that turns into a truck, wouldn’t be caught dead covered in such a tacky design!

What Happened: Then everyone actually saw the movie and realized that, when compared to robots constructed out of horrifying racial stereotypes and human characters who couldn’t be more irritating, the flames on Optimus were actually a minor problem. Fans still complain about these movies, but now they find a couple dozen other things to yell about before they get to Optimus Prime’s paint scheme.

movie fan controversies

The Name’s Blonde, James Blonde

The Film: Casino Royale (2006)

The Controversy: Gather ’round, children, and let me tell you of a time when a bunch of people thought Daniel Craig would make a terrible James Bond. Following Pierce Brosnan’s departure from the franchise, the Bond producers realized that the series needed a swift kick in the pants and recast Bond accordingly. Craig was tougher, meaner, and less traditionally good looking than the Bonds of the past. Oh, and he was blonde. A portion of Bond fandom lost its collective mind. The more forgiving portions of the outcry demanded that Craig dye his hair to match the brunette Bonds of the past. The more insane of the bunch founded an anti-Daniel Craig website that is somehow still up and running today. However, it should be noted that everyone was nervous. Who was this Daniel Craig guy, anyway?

What Happened: Casino Royale happened. As soon as people saw Craig in the part, they were instant converts. Well, most of them were converts. There is still a faction of Bond fans out there who can’t wait for Bond to revert back to the days where he was a charming, brown-haired sociopath who killed with a smile, but that’s not going to happen. This run has been too popular and too financially successful to turn back now and most of the world, and most of Bond fandom, is totally cool with that. Bond is always changing, always reflecting the culture around him, and Craig’s casting was a canny, knowing move from producers who knew which way the wind was blowing. This version of Bond, rougher and tougher and more emotional, has become the favorite of many. These days, it’s hard to believe that anyone would’ve opposed this pitch-perfect casting. You younger fans will know our pain when they cast the first black Bond – you should just stay off the internet when that happens.

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