Matt Damon Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

The energy seemed to be sucked out of the first half of Weekend Update this time, even though Colin Jost did have a fun one-off side comment about Michael Che. Also, the deadpan acknowledgement of the Traveling with Wes segment was pretty good, even if you could see the punchline coming from a mile away. But the second half featuring Colin and Michael swapping jokes brought more of what we need at the desk and that really livened things up.

Angel Reacts to Good Holiday News – This character doesn’t need to be a recurring gag, but I do love the fact that they were able to have a couple good jokes about Creed II. Plus, having Matt Damon appear as her husband Tommy, putting on his Boston accent, was also a nice touch. Maybe that means this will be the end of this character.

The Host

It’s crazy that Matt Damon hasn’t hosted Saturday Night Live in 16 years, but it’s nice to have him back for the Christmas episode, especially when he has nothing to promote. Aside from the fact that Matt Damon has great comedic chops, his opening monologue was touching as hell, and it even brought tears to my eyes. My parents were the kind who let me stay up to watch Saturday Night Live when I was young too, and it just made me feel all warm and gooey about those memories. Thanks, Matt Damon.


Cecily Strong as Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Saturday Night Live

Cecily Strong – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Cecily Strong might be the most underrated cast member on SNL. Kate McKinnon gets a lot of the glory, but Cecily Strong is every bit as good, even if she doesn’t have as many strong characters or great sketches. But in this case, even the sketches that weren’t great, Cecily Strong was fantastic. But she was also in the best sketches of the night. Even when she was relegated to the side, like in the Weezer sketch, she was still funny. And that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel impression was tops.

The Final Word

This was a great way to end 2018 for Saturday Night Live. There was plenty of holiday fun to be had, a timely send-up of Donald Trump that actually gives us some hope for our future, and touching sentiments from Matt Damon. While it could have used some cameos from other SNL veterans just for shits and giggles, this was a supremely satisfying episode. We’ll be back next year with more reviews whenever SNL returns in January.

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