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Filmmakers Claim That A Juror Feared For Their Safety During The Trial

Making A Murderer filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos say that a juror from the trial of Steven Avery who believed Avery was framed told them that they “feared for their personal safety” during the trial. According to the filmmakers, the juror believed Avery “was framed by law enforcement and that he deserves a new trial, and if he receives a new trial, in their opinion it should take place far away from Wisconsin.” Also that the juror claimed that they did not hold out for a mistrial because they “feared for their personal safety.”

“The juror contacted us directly…and went on to describe the jurors ultimately trading votes in the jury room and explicitly discussing, ‘If you vote guilty on this count, I will vote not guilty on this count,'” Ricciardi said.


10 Questions We Still Have

You have questions, I have questions, and RollingStone still has questions. The magazine has done a good job rounding up ten questions and possible answers. Here are the highlights:

Who is the international recording artist who was released from the jury?  Richard Mahler, of a local band called the Rick Raybine Band, was dismissed from the jury for a family emergency after he sat in deliberations for four hours. Mahler claims that two fellow jurors were related to officials in Manitowoc County.

Is it common for defendants to be barred from arguing that someone else did it?  Wisconsin has a third-party liability law that prevents a defendant from pointing the finger at somebody else without giving the court 30 days notice prior to trial, and having good reason to believe the third party had “motive, opportunity, and a direct connection to the crime.

Other questions:

  • Why did the defense team for Brendan Dassey seek to further the State’s case?
  • Is there any innocent explanation for the pinprick hole in the vial that held Avery’s blood?
  • Has testing for EDTA advanced?
  • What’s the story behind the deleted voicemails?
  • Why was Halbach’s pelvic bone discovered in the quarry?
  • What’s going on when Sgt Andrew Colborn called in the read the license plate for Halbach’s RAV 4?
  • Who killed Teresa Halbach?

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