Mad Men ads

Emmy voters are currently deciding on the best in television over the past year and, all over the streets of Los Angeles, your favorite TV shows are plastered on billboards. The Walking Dead, True Detective and many more are being pushed by their respective networks, hoping voters check them out or at least have their memories jogged about shows that finished a while ago.

Of all the ads emblazoned up and down Sunset Blvd or Highland Ave., the ones for Mad Men really stand out. Which makes sense. A show about advertising should have the best advertising. While the show’s creative team has done a great job with that in the past, these ads take things to another level. Check them out below.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the images.

Emmy FYC Mad Men Ads

Be sure to click on each of these to read the fine print. They’re really smart but, whether or not it works helping Mad Men (not this season that just ended, last season) get many Emmy nominations, we’ll find out July 18 when the nominations are announced. Read more about the process at this link.

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