LOST’s Man in Black’s Name Finally Confirmed?

I always thought this was one of those really stupid questions Lost fanatics obsess over. Does it really matter what the man in black’s name was? But Lost fanatics like to look for mystery in places where sometimes a mystery doesn’t actually exist. Well, for those of you Lost fanatics, we finally have confirmed the man in black’s official human character name. After the jump.

His name is…

ready for it?

are you sure?





A bit anticlimactic, right?

We actually already knew of this name as it was featured on the casting call for “The Incident” (the first appearance of the man in black, in which he was credited in the final credits as simply “Man #2”). But as TV Overmind puts it, casting calls are never and have never been considered television series canon.

So how was the name of Jacob’s brother finally confirmed? Well… They are auctioning off all the props from the series and the chair back for actor Titus Welliver‘s set chair is being sold, and it clearly lists him as “Samuel”. Image from Doxarzt:

Biggest confirmation yet? Does it matter? Is it non news? Yes, no and yes.

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