If you’re a film fan, chances are you’re an Alfred Hitchcock fan. And if you’re an Alfred Hitchcock fan, today just might be Christmas. Film Detail was poking around online when they stumbled upon almost 12 hours of audio featuring the father of the French New Wave, François Truffaut, interviewing the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock in 1962. Let’s say that again. There are 12 hours of free audio of Truffaut talking to Hitchcock about his entire life, both personal and professional. For anyone who can’t afford $120,000 for film school, we may have just found a free one. Read the details, track titles and get all the links after the break.

A huge thanks to Film Details (with a tip of the cap to Open Culture) for alerting us to this amazing audio.

According to the article, this is the original raw audio from a 1962 interview that ended up as the source material for Truffaut’s book Hitchcock: The Definitive Study of Alfred Hitchcock.

You can download the individual files streaming on the Hitchcock Wiki or on Soundcloud, or as a single zip file here. Both sites also have individual links.

Here’s the breakdown of all the files and each one sounds more interesting than the next.

Part 1: Childhood through to his early years in the film industry
Part 2: Mountain Eagle through to the end of the silent era
Part 3: Blackmail through to a discussion about American audiences
Part 4: Rich and Strange through to realism in films
Part 5: The 39 Steps through to plausibility in film and film critics
Part 6: Secret Agent and Sabotage
Part 7: Young and Innocent and The Lady Vanishes
Part 8: Final years in Britain through to his move to America
Part 9: Rebecca
Part 10: Discussion about Hollywood through to Notorious
Part 11: Mr and Mrs Smith through to Suspicion
Part 12: Saboteur through to Shadow of a Doubt
Part 13: Lifeboat through to Spellbound
Part 14: Notorious through to The Paradine Case
Part 15: Rope
Part 16: Rope and Under Capricorn
Part 17: Stage Fright through to Strangers on a Train
Part 18: Strangers on a Train through to I Confess
Part 19: Notorious through to a discussion about suspense
Part 20: Initial discussion about the The Birds through to Rear Window
Part 21: The Wrong Man through to Vertigo
Part 22: North by Northwest through to Psycho
Part 23: Psycho
Part 24: The Birds
Part 25: Psycho through to characterization in films

Each one of those 25 pieces of audio are just over 25 minutes long so, that’s more than enough content for you to sift through for the rest of the month. Seriously, how cool is this?

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