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Do you think you might have the Legends visit 1996 and use the set of Frequency?

Guggenheim: [Laughs] I don’t even know where Frequency shoots.

Klemmer: It’s Vancouver.

Guggenheim: You know, we’re going to 1987 in episode five which I think is as close to the ’90s as we’ve gotten. We talk about the ’90s a lot.

Klemmer: Most of my clothes are still from the ’90s so I’d be great as an extra. I could just get my flannel on.

When you add new characters to the Waverider, with which of the existing characters do they have the juiciest conflicts?

Klemmer: The thing is, I feel like Nate [Heywood, played by Nick Zano] is hard to dislike. He’s just a lovable guy. He’s so psyched to be just part of the team. That’s his natural energy as an actor.

Guggenheim: Probably some of his best stuff is with Brandon [Routh]’s character, Ray Palmer. But then he’s got some good stuff with Amaya, Maisie [Richardson-Sellers]’s character in episode five. Then Maisie, I think the two dynamics people will enjoy the most are her dynamic with Sara [Lance, played by Caity Lotz] and her dynamic with [Mick] Rory [played by Dominic Purcell].

Does Ray just get along with everyone?

Guggenheim: He’s Ray.

Is it hard to find someone he can’t get along with?

Guggenheim: It is hard to find someone he can’t get along with.

Klemmer: He does become Rory’s de facto new partner. They were joined together by Snart’s sacrifice. In a weird way, Snart’s legacy is forcing these two men into proximity. Rory pretends to be no big fan of that but I think deep down Rory does care for Ray. He’d never let him know.

Wentworth Miller is going to appear on The Flash. Could he come back to Legends of Tomorrow?

Guggenheim: He’ll be a member of the Legion of Doom. He will.

Klemmer: He reverted. He’s in his natural state.

We know Victor Garber wants to be part of the Flash/Supergirl musical. Would you want to touch any musical component on Legends of Tomorrow?

Klemmer: Legends is crazy enough without people breaking into song.

Guggenheim: We got Victor singing in episode 2.

Klemmer: To a room of Nazis.

Guggenheim: That’s enough. We’re good with that.


Season two of Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, October 13 at 8PM on The CW.

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