Kumail Nanjiani Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Donald Trump Trucker Rally – Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump after being absent during Gal Gadot’s episode last weekend, and the writers really tried to make up for it by having him tackle a wide variety of topics. In fact, that was what really seemed to hold back the sketch from being great. It felt like they were biting off too little of various headline-making topics coming out of the White House this week without making a substantial dig into satirizing any of them in a very meaningful or hilarious way. The sketch wasn’t bad, but it lacked punch. That Eminem joke felt particularly last minute, but that’s to be expected since Eminem’s Trump-blasting freestyle rap came really late in the week.

Bank Breakers – While the premise of this sketch was solid, I don’t think the escalation was exaggerated enough to be laugh out loud funny. The initial reveal towards the beginning elicited a laugh, but then after then it was getting less funny, despite Kumail Nanjiani committing to the bit fantastically.

Customer Service – The production value and effort from this sketch makes me wish that I liked it more. Not unlike Lin Manuel Miranda’s immigration short film sketch “Diego Calls His Mom” from last season, the short is admirable, even though it’s not overly funny. Cecily Strong is great as Melania Trump, but the sketch doesn’t end up being anything special.

The Worst

Office Halloween Party – The awkwardness of the premise itself is so genuine (thanks to the practicality of the speaker phone) that it almost circles back around to be truly awkward for us to watch. The need to repeat things so the employees’ boss can hear what they’re saying, the bad jokes, they’re all done do authentically that the sketch is stilted by it. There’s a good laugh from the reveal of the hepatitis and Aidy Bryant pulled another one out of me later, but otherwise, this one didn’t work for me.

Hotel Check-In – This feels like the first draft of a sketch that Kumail Nanjiani would have appeared in on Portlandia. The Stargazer Lounge repetition did not have the intended effect the writers hoped it would, and rather than being funny over and over again, it just got annoying. There’s a nugget of good comedy here, but it didn’t shine when the time came for the show to air.

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