Question: What kind of learning curve did you have to have to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Were you pretty conversant with it? 

Law: Yeah, I was pretty conversant with it, I’d seen most of them. Well the test of it is the Infinity War right? Like if anyone goes and sees Infinity War and says “Who’s that? What’s that all about?” then you haven’t seen them all and I didn’t ask that question once [laughs] so clearly I’ve seen all of them. I actually had a couple of people next to me saying “who’s she? what is she doing?” So I was pretty conversant, but with my character in particular there was a question “Should I go back and read up?” This is a very interesting chapter I think in the Marvel Universe, because it’s split off in several ways, and I know a lot of them have come out in different guises, but this one even more so. I chose really just to follow the script. 

Question: You mentioned that you box and did martial arts. Was there anything else you had to do to get into Marvel shape? 

Law: Just going to stunt school every morning for months, there’s always a level that you haven’t achieved because they’re asking you to do something that you’ve never done before.

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Question: Sam showed us a video of Brie pushing a jeep up a hill

Law: I know! I haven’t pushed a jeep up a hill [laughs]

Question: We’ve learned that Carol has been sort of indoctrinated into the Kree army and she thinks she is Kree has sort of forgotten her humanity. Does that apply to you character too? 

Law: Not that I know of, they could always throw a curveball at me. I’m playing it at the moment that he is a Kree. 

Question: You talked about the Skrull being able to shapeshift, could you talk about how that poses a problem for Starforce? 

Law: That’s what they feed their insecurity and their paranoia on. There are posters that you’ll see around Hala which say “Know your enemy it could be you.” There’s a great line in one of the scenes where a warrior is asked if he’s ever been simmed and he says yes and that he had to kill himself. So it can be psychologically very scarring. 

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Question: Can you talk about some of the abilities your character has?

Law: He’s a pistol and knife man. I’ve got this kind of cool business I can do with gravity. [laughs] 

Question: Can you talk a little about the camaraderie on set with the actors? 

Law: This has been a real joy actually, because on a big piece like this it can be very fragmented so I’ve done a lot on my own, I’ve had some great days with just Brie and I. The last couple of weeks are the first time that Starforce have really been together, I knew Gemma before and worked with Djimon several times and it’s a nice feeling when you’re suddenly putting a team together. If anything only so you can all complain about where our suits are chafing, you know what I mean? Genuinely it’s always nice to have that camaraderie, film sets are a fun place to be and you have that camaraderie with the film crew but it’s sort of like “Come on we’ve got stuff to do” so it’s always nice to have that support around you and to build those relationships and chemistry is really the highlight of the job for me. 

Question: Your character probably views the Kree as the heroes but do view the Kree as the heroes of this film? 

Law: Yes, because I’m a Kree! You always have to get on the side of the character that you’re playing because otherwise no one else will. No, absolutely, the Kree are…

Question: They’re a very militaristic society too

Law: No, no, not at all. They’re defending themselves and you see lots of Kree civilians too, there’s a lovely scene where we’re going through the subways of Hala and you get a real sense of Kree society. 

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