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Did you discover the whole cast of Lords of the Deep looked like other more famous people?

Yeah, that’s one of those movies where it’s a lot of “Oh, she would have gotten this role.” What’s funny too is [Priscilla Barnes] in Lords of the Deep was the one who took over for Suzanne Somers in Three’s Company. So in a sense, she was already a poor man’s Suzanne Somers.

She was their one A-list star in that.

Well, Roger Corman shows up. I think he’s an A-lister in the history of film.

I hadn’t thought about The Dress in a few years. Have you gotten feedback that people still remember when you mention the white and gold?

It was a cultural flashpoint that puts you at a time and place. I think that stuff is very silly to throw in there. It’s just like saying, “Where’s the beef?” or “Time to make the donuts.”

What made you think it was time to say “I have nothing but regrets” instead of “I regret nothing?”

“I regret nothing,” we’ve done it a ton. We threw in an “I regret nothing” for the live show. Sometimes you just want to change it up a bit. For the character, for them to say, “I have nothing but regrets” is such a sad take on “I regret nothing” which is such a positive bravado. “I have nothing but regrets” is so full of sadness. Sadness is always really funny to me.

Could steak milk become a thing?

I hope not. That would be a terrible thing to do to the animal, to your body and to the environment. I think Elliott Kalan really liked the steak milk thing, or it might’ve been Joel [Hodgson]. I was like, “All right, we’re really going all in on this steak milk bit. Let’s do it.” That’s the fun of trusting the people you work with. Also, Elliott and I, when some of writers were like, “Are we doing too much of ‘pretty nice’?” Elliott and I were like, “No, there’s not enough ‘pretty nice’ in Mac and Me.”

For all the times they call out Jenny in The Day Time Ended, was there no room for a Forrest Gump reference?

Well, now you’re just kind of critiquing what you would have done on the show. The terrible part of doing a show is, “Why didn’t you do this?” A lot of people were upset that we didn’t mention Paul Rudd and Conan O’Brien in Mac and Me because they had kind of co-opted the wheelchair falling off the cliff thing. When you get to riff The Day Time Ended, feel free to do as many Forrest Gump references as you want.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to critique it. I was more interested in the creative process.

Oh, totally. It never occurred to me and you’re totally right. It’s also how do you pull off a Forrest Gump Jenny. I’d have to go back in. I don’t know. Thinking about it now, you are completely right.

It’s not like I’m pitching you a better line. I just thought of another movie with a Jenny.

Yeah, also, we did 867-5309. Now that you brought up Jenny my brain is now turning into, “Oh, we kind of dropped the ball on a couple Jenny references” because they do yell Jenny a lot.

Killer Fish turned out to be an especially musical episode, didn’t it?

We popped in a song a couple times like we did in season 11, into the riffs. That was a lot of fun. Also just getting Rebecca Hanson, because she has such a great voice, to be able to showcase that in a song was a lot of fun.

When you sing “Jenny” or “Starman,” do you have to clear those songs?

No, you don’t because it’s parody. It’s commentary or you’re using something in the context of referencing it in commentaries. There’s all these little rules with that stuff that you’re allowed to wiggle around when it comes to comedy.

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