Jonah Hill Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Weekend Update this week was fairly bland. There were a few good one-liners, but the political commentary just didn’t pack the punch that it has previously. The throwaway headlines were actually the more funny jokes in this week’s edition, but really, it was the commentary from Weekend Update guests that worked the best.

Pete Davidson on the Midterm Elections – Pete Davidson returned to the Weekend Update desk again looking like a member of Insane Clown Posse on a break, but he had the best political jokes of the night with his surface-level takes on some of the midterm election candidates. And for what it’s worth, he also offered up a serious and mature comment about his break-up with Ariana Grande.

Every Teen Girl Murder Suspect on Law & Order – When Melissa VillaseƱor brings a new character out, she absolutely nails it. And this portrayal of a teen girl murder suspect on Law & Order was out of left field, but no less hilarious because of it.

David Ortiz on Red Sox’s World Series Win – It’s kind of amazing to me that David Ortiz keeps recurring, but I supposed with the Red Sox winning the World Series it was all too appropriate. Plus, the different businesses that Ortiz is promoting this time were quite funny, though the food ramblings weren’t as amusing as they usually were.

The Host

Jonah Hill is an incredible comedy actor, but for some reason he felt a little nervous when Saturday Night Live started. He sounded like he might be sick, so maybe that’s why he seemed nervous.. It felt like his first time hosting, even though this was his fifth. It didn’t help that the timing of the monologue sketch involving the Five-Timers Club was a little off too. But even so, this whole #MeToo approach to the Five-Timers Club was a nice twist on the usual gag.


Aidy Bryant - Saturday Night Live

Aidy Bryant – While most of the cast was pretty evenly represented throughout the night, Aidy Bryant stood out to me thanks to her performance in the political musical and the HuckaPM medicine advertisement. Aidy Bryant has a gift for not just physical comedy, but outstanding character work as well, and tonight showed her great range as a comedian.

The Final Word

This Saturday Night Live doesn’t exactly have any memorable, standout sketches, but there’s some great comedy work here. It’s a solid return for the series after break, and a good lead-in to election week. Their political satire was stronger than usual, and Jonah Hill brought a lot of enthusiasm to the table to help things along.

We’ll be back next week after Liev Schreiber hosts on November 10.

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