John Mulaney Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Cha Cha Slide – Every single wedding has the Cha Cha Slide for some reason. This sketch is such a great mix of different gags. Doing a weird version of the Cha Cha Slide with rarely heard dance moves would have been funny by itself, but adding in the odd moments of catching up with people at a wedding was even funnier, and the ending even had a good joke to close on.

To Hate and Have Not – Kate McKinnon makes being unable to whistle so damn funny. And she only gets better as this sketch continues. This kind of sketch is tailor made for Mulaney’s personality. He fits right in with an old timey movie perfectly. And while this sketch doesn’t have much of an ending and feels a little messy, Kate McKinnon sells it so well that you can’t help but like it.

Chad Horror Movie – It’s odd that this is a recurring sketch, but the various iterations are so unique that they somehow make the character work pretty well. This version uses the Scream formula and let’s Chad deal with it in quite the casual way, as expected. This is actually probably one of the better versions, but because this episode was so good in general, this one was only average.

The Worst

Toilet Death Ejector – For an episode that was all-around fantastic, this sketch didn’t feel like it fit in. The slapstick stuff here is so over the top that it’s pretty funny, but it’s also too reliant on it. There’s probably a better version of this sketch, but even so, it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t measure up to how great the rest of the sketches of the night were.

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