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Well, I was going to put together a snazzy PhotoShop masterwork for this bit of casting news, but I spent the last hour debating Devin at CHUD about globe-spanning Watchmen embargoes0101. Any readers want to give it a shot in the comments? The trades report that a fine cast has mounted up for a novelty sex comedy entitled Hot Tub Time Machine: John Cusack and Rob Corddry have already signed and Craig Robinson (The Office, East Bound & Down) and Clark Duke (Kick-Ass, not Michael) are close to. The group will star as a group of friends and brothers who get together at a ski lodge and travel back to 1987 via the titular bacteria container, a time when the ladies were more interested and Eddie Murphy was Raw.

The project was originally supposed to be directed by Sean Anders and John Morris, who made the funny Duke vehicle Sex Drive. Those guys are currently attached to a dead mom comedy, and Steve Pink (Justin Long’s Accepted) will now helm from a script by self-depricating newcomer Josh Heald. It begins filming in April. Does this sound like a party you want to check out? And speaking of Sex Drive, I recently rewatched the film with some friends on DVD, which I dug a lot at a press screening last year. Maybe I’m delusional, but the soundtrack seemed veddy different this time, cringe-worthy even. Weird when that happens, innit?

via Production Weekly / THR

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