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Cool, I’m looking forward to that. Getting back to A Wrinkle in Time, this is your first writing credit for a live-action movie. What was it like seeing your words come to life through human actors instead of through animators?

What I loved so much is that every time I’d watch the dailies or I’d go on set and watch, I’d get re-inspired. And then anything we hadn’t written yet would often evolve slightly because of that. So what you’re able to do – in some ways, animation’s so decadent because you can do anything and everything, and I love that. But what I loved about this was how much of a back and forth it was all the time. I thought when they went into shooting, I’d be done. I’d be like, ‘I won’t be so busy.’ But it didn’t work that way. Once you give it over to the actors, they make it something new and fresh. I loved that.

Did you have a favorite moment that you saw being filmed?

Yeah. Gosh, there’s a beautiful scene with Oprah and Storm where she’s going into Orion, and Oprah says, ‘All the things that had to happen in the universe to make you exactly as you are.’ That blew me away. I was in tears when she saw her father. The truth in that. What it would look like to say, ‘Where have you been?’ and yet to be so desperately overwhelmingly happy to find each other. That scene. We had dialogue for that scene and we just let that go completely.


Just be in the moment. Whatever they said there, they just said to each other. That was extraordinary. There were so many like that, but those two came to mind.

There’s a line about fear turning to rage and rage turning to violence that feels, unfortunately, especially timely right now. Did it feel that way when you were writing it?

Kudos to the book, as much as there are some things you can anchor in the times of the ‘60s, they’re part of human nature and what we’re struggling with all the time. Interestingly, they became more poignant throughout the process of this film. I started it four years ago. It was a different world than it is now. But it is about – that battle always happens. It’s constant. And that was very apparent as we were writing this. Those lines just meant more. Originally, they were written to help the audience understand what The It is about, but as you hear it now, it means something wholly different. But that’s, to me, what I love about films. Hopefully this is the kind of film, like the book, where, no matter how the world changes, you’ll see different things. That’s part of what we wanted to do in respect to the book. Let’s create something that’s evocative and not so reductive, because the book is so evocative.

A Wrinkle in Time arrives in theaters on March 9, 2018.

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