Jason Momoa Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

GE Big Boy – When you’ve got a big man staying home to do the house work while the wives go out to bring home the bacon, you need some heavy duty appliances to get the job done. That’s where GE’s Big Boy line comes into play, and these appliances are heavy duty and inconvenient. It’s just a good commercial parody.

Rudolph’s Big Night – Santa’s reindeer were pretty huge douchebags to Rudolph thanks to his red nose. But what happens when Santa gives his the big job of leading his sleigh? Well, Rudolph gets revenge by getting in the face of all those other reindeer. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for a sketch like this to happen. It’s also the perfect role for Pete Davidson to take on, and it might have been a little therapeutic as he likely pictured all those who keep harassing him about Ariana Grande while yelling at his cast members.

Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo – Having Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones should be something to get excited about. However, this sketch was a little messy and disjointed. It felt like a normal talk show at first, but then it turned into Jerry Springer, and then it took a jab at AMC’s post-show programming. Everything just felt all over the place, but there are some solid jokes for Game of Thrones fans, even if there are a few too many line flubs.

The Worst

An Extra Christmas Carol – There are only so many parodies of A Christmas Carol that can be done, and most of them aren’t very good. Despite the efforts of a flamboyant and fun Jason Momoa, this one just didn’t do anything for me. No matter how good that robe looks and how mesmerizing Jason Momoa’s dancing is, the sketch didn’t work.

Gemma Sleigh Ride – Despite Jason Momoa’s enthusiasm and Cecily Strong’s always perfect rendition of this character, this was the worst iteration of this sketch yet. None of the jokes land, and it just feels like a waste of Jason Momoa’s comedic energy.

Them Trumps – This sketch puts a lot of production value and set up for what amounts to only a couple real jokes. While the perfect recreation of the style of Empire adds something to the proceedings, the punchline is just that if Donald Trump were black, he’d be in jail already. That’s some poignant social commentary from SNL, but unfortunately, the sketch around it isn’t good. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

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