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Will the sequel be called That?

[Laughs] I don’t know, man. We’ll just focus on this one and see, but I’m going to use that joke too.

I’m still going with it. Have you started thinking of the script for Chapter Two?

No, I’ve been focused on this one and I think everybody’s head [are] in this one until this one comes out, see what it does. Of course when you’re writing the script, it’s hard not to think about. You want to think about ways characters are going to go and all that stuff just to make it feel like there’s going to be a story beyond this movie but that’s as far as I’ve taken it.

Can you help thinking of what adult actors could play these characters grown up?

I don’t do that. I’m terrible with that because I just cast Harrison Ford in everything.

27 years after 1989 makes it 2016 which makes it the election year. Was Trump It?

[Laughs] As someone said, yeah, he’s a clown of a different kind, right? And also just as terrifying.

That means It won.

Well, we’ll see. Come on, we’re still fighting.

Could you imagine a chapter three that’s 27 more years in the future?

No, not right now. I would think it would take away something of the defeat. You want to feel like the Losers have ultimately defeated It at the end of the book. That’s how I always saw it. I think it would rob something of them, although it would be cool to cast that movie. Think of the people you’d cast.

Clint Eastwood.

Michael Douglas, think of that. That’d be awesome.

Stephen King's It Featurette

Even if It came after a different group of characters in 27 years, that would mean It hasn’t been defeated.

Exactly, which I think steals the victory from our Losers.

Since you were able to establish The Nun as part of Annabelle: Creation, does that make The Nun not only a spin-off, but more connected to all the Annabelle and Conjuring movies?

Yeah, it’s all part of the Conjuring universe. It’s its own movie and I think it feels very distinct but they all help tell the overall mythology that James [Wan] has in his head about the Conjuring universe.

Are there different kinds of scares in The Nun than in Annabelle?

Yeah, I think so. Corin Hardy directed it. He’s got his own sensibilities and he wanted to bring his own sense of style and flourish to it, and that he did. It’s definitely got its own vibe and I don’t know if you could do these types of scares in another one of these movies. They’re very particular to The Nun.

Is it less about what’s in the dark?

We’re in a castle in Romania. You have this nun figure lurking around so yeah, it is about what’s in the darkness, but much like Pennywise, you know it’s the fucking Nun. I think it provides a nice counterpoint because it’s not your traditional haunted house type of movie, which I love.

A castle in Romania automatically makes it a different vibe than the Warner Brothers sound stages.

Exactly. We drew a lot on the Hammer horror movies. so it’s very moody and very atmospheric. It’s graveyards with fog and lanterns, scenes lit by lanterns.

Does it connect the two Warren cases of Annabelle and The Nun?

I’ll hold off on answering that, but it adds to the story. It’s definitely connected, but it answers some questions. What questions those are, I’ll wait until the movie comes out.

What else are you writing?

That’s what I’m working on right now. The Nun’s in post. Annabelle: Creation just came out. I got back from Romania at the end of June so July was just reminding my family I exist.

Are you cool with doing more horror?

I love horror. That’s what’s refreshing about working with James, Corin, David Sandberg and Andy. They’re just true horror fans. It’s not like they’re using this as a stepping stone. Of course, they’re all going to go on and do bigger things but they all still love the genre and they all still want to participate. That’s something I want to do too. I love it. Bring it on.

Are you waiting on some of your other scripts to be produced?

There’s been some, but Annabelle’s my first credited movie. There are scripts out there that I wrote that haven’t been produced yet. I wish they would.


It, directed by Andy Muschietti, is in theaters this Friday.

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