Interstellar honest trailer

Interstellar hit home video Tuesday¬†and our friends over at Screen Junkies have picked¬†Christopher Nolan‘s latest for their new installment of their signature Honest Trailers series. The four-minute-long Interstellar Honest Trailer begins “From the director who apparently gets a life time pass because he made The Dark Knight, comes the movie everyone respected for being ambitious and original but also made them say… What’s he doing in a space bookshelf?!”

Screen Junkies thinks Nolan has gone “full blown Shyamalan.” Even though I really enjoyed the film despite its flaws (including yes, the award winning “sound design”), it’s hard not to agree with some of their humorously well-presented points. Watch the Interstellar honest trailer embedded after the jump.

Interstellar Honest Trailer

You can watch more Honest Trailers from ScreenJunkies on Youtube.

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