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The Shoot Continues

Between takes, the smoke completely clears every time and Whannel walks up to his actor and gives notes. His mood is pretty jovial, being very complimentary and only telling MacKay to move faster in this case.

Next up, Shaye and Scott walk toward the camera with the demon chasing them from behind. You notice that Quinn has her eyes almost totally shut and her hand is black. We later ask the actress about the black hand, but she wouldn’t say, suggesting it’s something important from later in the film.

On the first take things go well, until the very end. As the elevator doors close with the demon just barely missing the girls, he was blocked in the shot because Shaye and Scott were standing too close together. Whannell gives the note to separate by just a foot once they get into the elevator and the result is a chilling reveal of a near miss. Or almost. The second take is seemingly perfect until the last second when the automatic elevator doors don’t close all the way. “Ugh!!!!” Whannell screams when he realizes this perfect shot was ruined. They get it on the next take.

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That Classic Horror Shot

Finally, to complete the scene, they do a POV from the girls’ perspective of the demon walking down the hallway and the elevator closing just as he arrives. It’s a great, potentially iconic horror image. Because of that, great care is taken with the execution. On the first shot, MacKay goes too slow. On the second, Whannell literally screams, “Charge Michael! Don’t run, but walk as fast as you can.” The third take is better, but the elevator doesn’t work again. Finally, they get it on the fourth take.

All in all, over the course of about two and a half hours on set, 10 minutes of footage was shot which will likely be edited down to 10 seconds. Gotta love movies.

I’ve been on a few horror sets before and I have to say, this was the first one that was actually creepy. The details, the ideas, the implications, all of it just made someone think about and feel like death. If Insidious Chapter 3 can harness just a bit of that, it should be a worthy follow up to the popular series.

Insidious Chapter 3 opens June 5.

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