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Apartment Living

Empty Chinese food containers are scattered on the kitchen counter. Ashtrays full of cigarettes and peanuts shells are everywhere. Two tables have intricately placed houses of cards on them. Various newspapers are all over the floor and one couch has a super creepy baby doll on it. Pictures of that doll, or some other doll, are all over a near by pile of files and Wanted posters, which Whannell specifically points out to us as he comes by to say “Hi.”

The bedroom that will be Dermot Mulroney’s in 2008 doubles as a super upsetting study for MacKay’s character. It’s filled with jars of god-knows-what on the shelves and a single chair in the middle. The end of the hall is what most people would call a “master bedroom” because it’s so much bigger. In 2008, this is Quinn’s room and while the set itself feels like a master, the apartment was built to film specific specifcations. In reality, this is a bigger room, but in the movie, it won’t feel like that. It was only built bigger than the study because more scenes take places in there.

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The Demon Himself

On the way back out we’re told this Seventies, serial killer set dressing is only being used for one scene, which is why it was pushed to the end of the shoot. As I hear that, I notice another creepy set decoration: a bunch of oxygen tanks. Just then Whannell screams, “Hey Mike!” Around the corner comes that personification of cancer. Imagine a man who hasn’t exactly been burned, but looks like his his entire body is charred. He’s bald on top with a thin, white mullet in back, a tattered, gross, hospital gown and an oxygen mask over his face. He moves like a curious, fast zombie and it’s really scary.

“For me the guy in this film is the living embodiment of cancer,” Whannell said. “If cancer was a person, it would be this guy. Once you have a concept like that, it’s amazing how quickly the visuals occur to you.”

As we (carefully) walk back to our seats, we see what’s being shot next. It’s the demon walking down the hallway in pursuit of Elise and Quinn. The reverse shot of what we saw before. As the demon walks down the hall, he takes violent, deep, disturbing breaths and Whannell laters tells us will be even grosser when the film comes out.

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