Infographic: Transformers Decepticons

As a follow up to the Transformers: Autobots Infographic posted last week, we have a new infographic detailing the Decepticons (cars and other land vehicles) from the original American Transformers Generation 1 cartoon, which aired from 1984 to 1987. I’ve been told that, as the series is from 1980s, not all of the art was readily available — thus, some artistic liberties were taken in order to represent as many Decepticons as possible while keeping as true to the spirit of the Generation 1 series as possible. I’ve also been told that the original Transformers: Autobots Infographic has been updated and corrected thanks to the /Film community for pointing out the errors. Hit the jump to see the new Decepticon infographic.

Original Transformers Decepticons

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