The Best Miscellaneous Fun Movie/TV Gifts of 2014

Lightsaber Replacement Keys

Lightsaber Replacement Keys:

Marvel Infinity Guantlet Silicone Ice Tray Marvel Infinity Guantlet Silicone Ice Tray $15: What Marvel fan wouldn’t want Infinity Guantlet ice cubes? Note: This is a preorder for May 2015.

The Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe, allowing the bearer to control time, space, and reality. And now it can cool your drink! Cast up to six ice cubes in the shape of the Infinity Gauntlet using this silicone tray, or fill the tray up with chocolate to make six tasty treats! Your guests won’t know what hit them! Packaged in a full-color window box. The Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Silicone Ice Tray measures approximately 8-inches long x 6-inches wide.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch $50

Reading the time on the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch is pretty fun. Press the bottom button and then get ready to count lights. Time is divided into hours, minutes first digit, minutes second digit – so it looks confusing, but is very easy to read. (Example: 10 lights, 5 lights, 3 lights = 10:53 – and it repeats). At the same time, the time circuit LCD display will show you the date. But the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch just doesn’t tell the time – with a press of the middle button, you can also activate “Time Travel” mode, where the Flux Capacitor will flux and the time circuit will display a random date. Will you travel to said date if you run 88mph? Actually, we’re not sure. If you do, however, manage to do that, please send us a postcard.


Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge $250

The Borg Cube Fridge looks, well, like a Borg Cube. It’s small, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your alcove, as you plug it into a standard 120V AC outlet. Plus, it can be powered by 12V DC power source, so when you pop off in a Borg Sphere for some cruising, you can bring your snacks with you. And yes, it does have a setting for cool and a setting for heat. With the Borg Cube Fridge, your great food will be contained until it can be assimilated… into your face! Product Specifications It’s a Borg Cube – for your food! Glows green behind the Borg coating to look like the ship from Star Trek Green inside light, too! Has a warm and a cool setting for keeping food either warm or cold Officially-licensed Star Trek food technology A ThinkGeek exclusive! Rubber feet to protect surface Locking door to prevent spillage Capacity: 9 cans of soda (with a little extra room for bacon or something) Includes: Fridge, 4ft 110V AC power cord (for use in home), 12V DC power cord (for use in car) Cooling Capability: approx. 32-44°F Heating Capability: approx. 131-149°F Outer Dimensions: approx. 11.5″ cubed! Inner Dimensions: approx. 6″ x 7.5″ x 8.25″


Star Wars Terrariums $34: A very cool custom hand made gift for your favorite Star Wars fan.

“I’ll never join you!” Enjoy this one, you will. This vintage miniature Luke Skywalker is nestled in a live moss terrarium – just a mist every few weeks and some indirect light, and you’ve got a thriving little world! CONTENTS Fully assembled live moss terrarium in glass jar, approx. 6.625″ tall (incl. lid) x 3.5″ wide Separately packaged habitants (you get to do the honors!) Easy-to-understand unpacking and care sheet Small spray bottle Habitant poses and moss may vary, but all will be equally awesome.

Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica $150

This ST:TOS Phaser Remote lets you harmlessly blast your home entertainment system into submission. Recreated from 3D laser scans of the last known screen-used hero prop, it looks good, but it’s also a fully-functioning programmable infrared remote control. And when we say “phaser” we aren’t getting away with just giving you the Phaser I. Nope. It does include the Phaser I which functions as a standalone gesture-based universal remote control but also slots into its Phaser II pistol-grip base, which provides additional controls. You can store up to 36 programmable gestures: plenty to control all of your Earth-based entertainment equipment. The combined unit (Type I and Type II together) features a wide range of settings and beam strengths, including different Phaser firing sounds (including Phaser Overload sequence) and authentic Starship Enterprise sounds.

Scott C's Great Showdowns Coaster Set #2

Scott C’s Great Showdowns Coaster Set #2 $35

The coaster set includes 4 earthware drink coasters and wood holder. Each coaster is 4 x 4 x 1/4 inches. The set includes: Breakfast Club, Labyrinth, Jurassic Park, The Warriors


Hendo Hoverboard $10,000: Its almost 2015, so you should have your very own Hoverboard.

Peter Sciretta and The Muppets

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