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Which comic of yours or that you like to read would you love to see as a movie?

Gosh, lots of my stuff. I’d like to see something with The Invisibles or even the unusual ones. Basically the ones that people say are unfilmable are the ones I’d most like to see filmed because I think that would be the interesting challenge, to translate it into a new medium.

Are there any you hope they don’t touch because they’d just mess it up?

No, basically I’ve been so lucky with Happy! and I’m sure it doesn’t happen this way all the time. Because I’ve been so involved with it and I co-wrote the pilot and the last episode with Brian and I was in the writers room, I think the important thing is to stay with your work as much as you can if you don’t want it to be messed up. For me, I’d always try to assume that I would be involved, at least up until the point where I could avoid any particular disasters that might arise.

Would you prefer to have adaptations be for television where they can take more time?

Yeah, I find the television format quite interesting. It’s a lot more like the comics that I wrote which were monthly serialized fiction. Every episode would be slightly standalone but at the same time, they’d form larger arcs. That’s the kind of storytelling on television so I’m pretty used to that and I like thinking that way. I think television seems much more appropriate for my kind of thinking and the kind of stories I like to tell. It’s been fun to explore that and the rhythms of it.

Does each episode of Happy! end on a cliffhanger?

I think they do. They all start with a completely different cold open. Every single one of them is done in a different style. One of them is kind of a Housewives of New Jersey kind of thing. So there’s a whole bunch of cold opens. I think most of them end on a cliffhanger. I think you have to end on a cliffhanger.

Are you doing another take on Christmas with Klaus?

I seem to be monopolizing Christmas this year because I have this comic book Santa Klaus that I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. He comes out Wednesday as well alongside Happy! so it’s a Christmas takeover.

What’s the new Klaus adventure?

The new one is called Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville. It’s about an evil soda corporation in the 1980s who basically tried to co-opt Christmas and make it in their own image. They find themselves up against Klaus but they’ve created a town called Christmasville where it’s Christmas all year round. The idea is to extend this into an endless corporate consumer fest that goes all year round. It’s basically Santa Claus versus the corporation.

If it’s the ‘80s, can we expect that they succeeded and that’s the world we’re living in now?

Well, you’ll have to read the story but I think we know what happened in the ‘80s and how it affected the world we live in today. It could be an ongoing battle.

Are you still doing Heavy Metal full time?

Yeah, I’m still editing that and writing a couple of stories for every issue. It’s weird. That one’s just one such a track that I sometimes forget I’m even doing it. Yes, still working on that.

Was Multiversity the last ongoing series you wrote?

I’m still doing the Wonder Woman book for DC. There’s three of those. The second one’s out next year. I’m doing a Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel with Chris Burnham. That’s kind of the last of the comic stuff I’m doing just now. Everything else has been on television.

Where does Arkham Asylum pick up?

It’s going to take place in the future. It features the Damian Robin as Batman that we created for the nightmarish dystopian future of Batman 666.

What’s coming in the new Wonder Woman?

It’s a three part story so we actually get to tell a beginning, middle and an end. The central one is an Empire Strikes Back story where things go wrong for Wonder Woman. This one introduces the kind of Nazi version of Wonder Woman, the Uber Fraulein from the war. They’ve been trying to help her on Paradise Island for 70 years but it’s not really working. Dr. Psycho who was one of the old Wonder Woman enemies from the old stories, we kind of recreated her in an interesting way, relating it to all that creepy pickup artist stuff and people’s current obsession with narcissistic sociopaths and what they get up to. So we brought a lot of that current stuff in. I’m just trying to tell an action story that winds up in a sex war between men and women.

Is it present day?

It starts off in Nazi times and we see how the Amazons dealt with the Nazis which is very different again from the film. We went back to William Moulton Marston’s original concept of the Amazons as peace-loving but highly technologically advanced. So they used what we might think of as questionable methods to defeat the Nazis, then it moves forward to the present day. We even see Wonder Woman using her lasso of truth on the White House spokesman.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Well, whoever was the guy at the time. It was Spicer at the time we did the drawings.

Is that your full slate?

I’m still working with Brian Taylor on a Brave New World adaptation at Syfy as well. So we’ve got that .

Has that been a sci-fi story you’ve always loved?

My mother was into science-fiction but I was never a huge science-fiction fan so I’ve kind of learned about it retroactively. I love Huxley. I was always into Huxley as a figure rather than his work. I’ve read a lot of his work but I’m really interested in him as a thinker and a person.

Can you use the story of the book or more just the world with a new story?

Well, people will have to wait and see what we’ve done. Obviously, in the same way that when I’m doing comic books, I’m trying to honor the source material but at the same time do something contemporary with it that resonates.

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