Germain’s Top Ten Films of 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

7. Guardians of the Galaxy

Every year, a big Hollywood blockbuster shows what a big Hollywood blockbuster can do. It can be out-of-this-world exciting, visually stunning, funny, action packed and a tear-jerker too. This year, that movie was James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He created a near perfect piece of entertainment that does everything a movie should do. Granted, it’s rough around the edges and if put under a microscope, the flaws are there. But the film is just so damn engaging on every level, once you’re in it, none of that matters. When it’s over, you just can’t wait to watch it again and again.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an unscrupulous news cameraman in the thriller Nightcrawler

6. Nightcrawler

You’ve never seen a movie like Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler. It has a central character that’s neither good, nor bad, set in a world that’s wholly unique and of the moment, with a tone and energy that’s unforgettable. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Louis Bloom is a frightening, yet relatable, news reporter who chases violence every night and takes things a little too far. Watching the film, you never feel right. It’s off-putting, dirty, but simultaneously thrilling because of that feeling. If that’s not enough, the story holds a cold, terrifying mirror up to ourselves and how we consume the news.

David Oyelowo in Selma

5. Selma

By trying not to do too much, the best biopics do so much more. Selma is a perfect example of that. Ava DuVernay’s beautifully shot, expertly acted, edited and constructed film tells a singular story in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. It doesn’t tell his life story. Yet, by focusing on this important moment, we learn everything about the man, his friends, enemies and, most importantly, society at the time. David Oyelowo’s performance as King is electric and the film’s pacing helps give its content even more power. Watching Selma gives you a profound sense of accomplishment and pride, which is a very rare thing for a movie.

2014 movies supercut

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s latest film is one hell of a wild ride. It’s absolutely crazy for the sake of being crazy, and totally aware of what it’s doing. The method to Anderson’s madness is he’s out prove that storytelling lacks originality, but that doesn’t make it bad. So he’s made his own version of a somewhat familiar action adventure film with a naughty sensibility. A hotel concierge (Ralph Fiennes) and his humble lobby boy (Tony Revolori) make their way through an art heist, chase scenes, a love story and so much more. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a huge cornucopia of madness that reverberates with fun as you are constantly fascinated with its other layers.

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