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You once joked that”having seen 1-3″ maybe its “for the best” that we would never see Episodes VII-IX. I’m guessing you’re of a different mindset now?

Well it’s impossible not to be excited about new films guided by JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson. It’s hard to imagine this new trilogy in more capable hands.

Gary Whitta Star Wars

Can you talk about the pressures coming into Star Wars, a franchise that is, well, the biggest movie franchise of all time and has had a strong personal influence on so many people including yourself?

I think any time you’re dealing with something that has some personal significance to you, you instinctively approach it with a great degree of appreciation and respect. I grew up with Star Wars, it played a pivotal role in setting me on my lifelong course as a writer, so to have the opportunity to contribute a new piece to the ongoing legacy of that is both humbling and daunting. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder on anything or with more conviction and commitment, and that includes my own original projects, which I never thought I’d hear myself say. If you ask my wife she’d tell you I was not the easiest person to live with while I was working on it because I was unable to think about anything else the vast majority of the time.

How is working on a Star Wars movie different than all the other movie projects you’ve been involved in?

Well they say that golf is the only sport where as a professional there is actually the chance that you’ll get to play alongside your heroes, and that’s true of film too. Certainly in this case I got to meet and work alongside people I consider legends in the movie business and personal heroes of mine, so it was certainly unique in that aspect.

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