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Here is the trailer’s only glimpse at Brienne, who spent much of season five sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Sansa Stark to put a candle in the window. I have no idea what she’s up to this season (other than visiting the Quiet Isle), but it certainly looks like she’ll get another big action scene.

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And here it is. That is the dead body of Jon Snow and those hands certainly look like they could belong to Melisandre, the Red Witch. We know from season three that the “Lord of Light” has brought dead men back from the grave before and we know that Melisandre herself has never done it. Now that she’s lost everything and has had her faith shaken, resurrecting the slain Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch would be a fine way for her to reconnect with her god and find a new leader to fulfill her prophecies. After all, Stannis kicked the bucket, but he did deliver her to a noble warrior who may be half-Stark and half-Targaryen. You know, a potential heir to the Seven Kingdoms. A man of the north and a man of the dragon. A very literal Song of Ice and Fire. Ha, and some of you thought Jon Snow was gone for good.

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Yep, that certainly looks like Arya doing her best Jason Bourne impression. The fantasy genre is chock-full of blind assassins, so why not let her get in on that action?

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Once again, note how the knight in the foreground clearly appears to be a young Ned Stark. More importantly, note that Targaryen sigil on the armor of the man he’s battling. Yes, the Tower of Joy flashback is most definitely happening and they’re going to show us the entire skirmish between Ned’s men and the Kingsguard.

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Sure, this may look like a fuzzy frame from this quick shot taken from that big battle scene glimpsed elsewhere in the trailer. But note man on that white horse. Try to discern his features through the fuzz. You can even jump to one minute and sixteen seconds into the trailer and take a closer look for yourself. What you can’t make out well in a still frame is his very familiar hair. I’m calling it: that’s Jon Snow and he’s leading Stark loyalists into battle against the Boltons. After all, Jon served the Night’s Watch until his “death.” He’s free to leave and take his revenge now, thank you very much.

UPDATE: A reader has alerted us to the fact that Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibberd has confirmed that the man on the horse is not Jon Snow. Which takes only a little bit of wind out of our sails. I would still put good money on Jon being involved in this battle.

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When we last saw Margaery Tyrell she was imprisoned by the High Sparrow and awaiting trial alongside her brother, Loras. Here she is, groveling at the feet of her captor, the zealot who has brought the entire kingdom to its knees.

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Here’s the trailer’s best look yet at blind Arya, who has seen some shit. Well, maybe not “seen,” but she doesn’t look well.

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Hey, Bran’s back! And he’s standing! And he looks like he’s aged a decade! And–

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A White Walker?! The fact that Bran is paralyzed suggests that this isn’t a literal image, but rather a vision of some kind, brought on by his training with the Three-Eyed Raven. Expect Bran to be Captain Exposition this season, using his new powers to explain all kinds of stuff about Westerosi history.

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The trailer doesn’t offer a clear answer about what Davos does now that he’s a free agent. These final shots find him chilling out at the Wall, even hanging out in the same room with Jon Snow’s corpse.

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And for reasons unknown, he finds it necessary to draw his sword and promise some violence. My best guess is that he’s helping to clear the room so Melisandre can get around to resurrecting Jon Snow. This would explain why Alliser Thorne and his men are seen bashing down a door earlier in the trailer – they’re trying to get into the room where the Red Witch and the Onion Knight are trying to undo their Mutiny. Plus, you just know that Davos would gladly follow a living Jon Snow into battle.

Oh, and R.I.P. Ghost.

Game of Thrones season six premiers on April 24, 2016.

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