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21. Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

After taking a few seasons off to rest, recuperate, and not find religion, the Hound is back in the mess and he’s stepped up a rung or two. Sure, his chief involvement at the big armistice involved lifting the zombie box while everyone else sat on their asses, but at least he was lifting a zombie box for a collection of kings and queens and not a bunch of smelly outlaws and brigands, his usual company for the past few seasons. Who knows who he’ll be lifting zombie boxes for next year! The possibilities are endless! (Jacob Hall)

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20. Missandei

Being the translator for one of the most powerful women in the world has its advantages. Missandei came from nothing, but she’s managed to work her way up to being one of Dany’s most trusted advisors, and being on the right side of dragon fire is a good place to be heading into the eighth season. Now if only she and Grey Worm can get some more time to themselves before things start getting really bad. (Ben Pearson)

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19. Grey Worm

Look, leading your army into a mostly empty castle while the forces you intended to crush are across the continent killing your allies is not a good look. But you really can’t blame Grey Worm, who was simply executing a plan put together by Tyrion. At the very least, he’s still the toughest general in Westeros and he’s still on a winning team…but he’s always going to be corralled by the fact that he’s not the one calling the shots. (Jacob Hall)

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18. Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane

The Hound is fearsome in his own way, but The Mountain is clearly the more brutal member of that twisted family. This is a guy who has lopped a horse’s head off and squished Oberyn Martell’s skull so hard it splattered like a piece of fruit. Oh, and being a resurrected zombie probably doesn’t hurt his chances of making it through the Great War to Come. He’s the only person who could convincingly switch sides as a last ditch survival effort and go unnoticed. Advantage: Mountain. (Ben Pearson)

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17. Varys

At the risk of being a little too literal when talking about a man who has no testicles, Varys found himself emasculated this season. Once the most powerful spymaster in Westeros, he’s now been reduced to being chided by Daenerys and receiving vague threats from Melisandre. When his new queen burns the heads of House Tarly alive, the best he can do is tell Tyrion “Your problem now!” before shuffling off into his corner to presumably wonder if his evil counterpart, Petyr Baelish, is doing any better at the game they both once played so well. The answer to that question is a big “LOL no,” but Varys doesn’t know that yet. Someone should tell him. He could use some good news. (Jacob Hall)

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16. Samwell Tarly

Sam certainly put up with his fair of nonsense during his Citadel internship, but he managed to cure Ser Jorah and find out some game-changing information over the course of just a few episodes. Normally, the fact that he’s one of two people in the world who possess important information would make me worried about him, but remember, he’s one of the few people alive with the distinction of having killed a White Walker. That has to count for something, right? (Ben Pearson)

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15. Gilly

Hey, remember how Samwell Tarly showed up at Winterfell and met with Bran and was all like “OMG, here’s some really important information I learned that clarifies your psychic vision that changes everything we know about our whole world!” Well, guess what, Sam? You didn’t find that info. Fucking Gilly found that info. And you brushed her off and now you’re taking credit for it. Typical. Someone put Gilly on the Iron Throne. Maybe something will get done. (Jacob Hall)

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14. Bran Stark

Bran still needs some practice with that whole “being the Three-Eyed Raven” thing, as evidenced by his leaning on Sam to clue him in to the big secret behind Jon’s true parentage (ahem, thanks Gilly). Sam and Bran are currently the only two people alive who know the truth, but when it comes right down to it, I’d go with an untested Three-Eyed Raven any day – even a socially awkward one. Sorry, Sam. (Ben Pearson)

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13. Jorah Mormont

Cured of his greyscale. Forgiven for his transgressions. Inexplicable survivor of the mission beyond the Wall. Seated at the right hand of Daenerys despite offering no useful advice at any point this season. Everything’s coming up Jorah! Daenerys’ oldest ally is currently reaping the rewards of getting in on Team Fire and Blood early. He doesn’t have to do much at all to somehow look really, really important. (Jacob Hall)

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12. Ser Davos

The Onion Knight, formerly little more than a tolerated thorn in Stannis Baratheon’s side, is a valuable strategist and clear-headed advisor to Jon Snow. Granted, he didn’t have very much to do this season, but sometimes it’s best to just keep your head down and support the resurrected zombie king and the dragon-controlling fire queen. He did recruit Gendry for the mission beyond the Wall, and without Davos’s recruiting skills, Jon and company would have died out there on the ice. He’s proven his worth 10 times over. (Ben Pearson)

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11. Brienne of Tarth

Brienne got a promotion this season! She’s no longer just the bodyguard for the Stark sisters – she’s now a trusted representative for Winterfell, sent in Sansa’s stead to negotiate with Queen Cersei. She’s still being pushed around and shuffled about the continent on the whims of the people who call the shots, but at least she’s being pushed in the direction of major meetings between all of the most important people in the Seven Kingdoms. As a bonus, she seems to actually have the full and complete trust of both Sansa and Arya, which further ties her into the Stark inner circle (a circle that is doing quite well for themselves). Good job, Brienne. (Jacob Hall)

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