Gal Gadot Hosted Saturday Night Live

Gal Gadot dominated the summer box office in Wonder Woman, so that made her a prime candidate to tackle hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. Taking on the challenge of hosting a live sketch comedy series like SNL is no easy task, even for the most seasoned comedian, so how did the predominantly dramatic actress handle the spotlight in Studio 8H? Gal Gadot did a solid job of hosting, but unfortunately, the writers didn’t give her much to do besides play the straight woman to the rest of the cast.

Let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live.

Tribute to Las Vegas and Tom Petty

After the tragic events last week in Las Vegas, rather than opening the show with the traditional cold open and pretending like everything is okay, Saturday Night Live did the classy thing by honoring those who fell victim to senseless violence last Sunday night. Jason Aldean, who was performing when gunfire was unleashed upon concert goers in Las Vegas, gave his respects to the fallen and their surviving loved ones and played the late Tom Petty’s wholly appropriate “Won’t Back Down,” the perfect anthem for these dark times.

By the way, not that it takes away from the beauty of this tribute, but you have to admit that it’s a strange coincidence that on the night Sam Smith served as musical guest, Jason Aldean played the Tom Petty song that got the Spectre theme song singer into a bit of hot water for plagiarism. Anyway…

The Best

First Date – This felt like a rough, awkward start to the show as the first sketch following the monologue, but once the premise was cleverly established, it was given life. We won’t spoil the sketch’s reveal, because that’s half the fun, but once that turn comes, the punchlines are just plain great comedy writing.

The Maiden and the Mice – I’m a sucker for a good sketch that plays up the reality of a given fantastical situation for comedic effect. In this case, having Cinderella’s mice friends make exactly the kind of dress that you’d expect a bunch of tiny, broke, unskilled mice to make is simple but effective. Their casual attitude about not being able to make a great dress while also being mildly annoyed by Cinderella’s disappointment in their work is rather funny. Kate McKinnon’s line about them basically giving up their 20s to make this dress really made me laugh hard.

Safelite Repair – Beck Bennett makes for the perfect creep in this sketch that takes those Safelite commercials and turns them on their head in the most inappropriate way. Just don’t leave your high school daughter alone with the windshield repair guy.

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