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Peter: I’ve heard there’s like a shot of Kylo Ren that had his helmet off and you guys–

Roger: Okay, so yeah, that would be a great example of that, is he realized that certain moments between Snoke and Kylo Ren, J.J. went, oh yeah, actually I’m gonna shift the position of that scene. And so that it plays out in a different point in the movie. Now there was a certain point in the movie where he took his helmet off. And now you’re taking a scene that was after that and you’re putting it before that. And you’re going oh shit, he doesn’t have his helmet on. And so in a couple of those scenes, the guys in London actually did an incredible job. So when you watch the Kylo Ren —

Peter: I’ve looked for it. I know exactly the scene and I can’t even tell.

Patrick: Yeah, it’s great, yeah. Not only that, he had his helmet under his arm. So we had to fix his arm so you don’t see that.

Roger: Yeah, so that’s the most amazing thing isn’t it? About digital technology. You can do that. And that did change the movie for the better, because it changed the focus of —

Patrick: It changed his reveal.

Roger: So you’re kind of going, oh that’s interesting. But that’s just taking advantage of something that is a modern filmmaking tool, you know.

r2d2 in star trek

Peter: I’m being told we’re wrapping this up, so I have one final question: Is there any Easter eggs that you guys have hidden in the film? I know ILM sometimes puts R2-D2 in a film or is there any kind of —

Roger: Well, we have a long history of putting R2-D2 in movies with J.J. I mean, obviously they’re in both the Treks and they’re in all his movies. But there are many Easter eggs. People are gonna watch this movie over and over again, right? Okay, so to me my thing is, you want it to be such a great level of texture that you can augur in, you can watch this movie multiple times and see things happening at different points in the frame that you may have missed. Pat mentions that the mouse droid, you know —


Patrick: There’s a mouse droid jumping into a pit at the end of the TIE escape sequence. One thing that we put in that was a fun little detail is when Rey is jumping off the piece of [rope] into the pit in the beginning of the movie where she’s going down the rope in the Star Destroyer. We had a little thing there that looked like a little gas cap and so we just said hey, let’s just put an Empire logo on that. And it’s those little things that people don’t notice, but then they go back and they say, oh look at that. And I think those sorts of little details are…

Peter: They’re fun.

Roger: There’s many of those, yeah. Many.

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