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Why JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan Started From Scratch When Michael Arndt Left Force Awakens

Over at IO9, my good friend Germain Lussier again continues his Force Awakens coverage with his JJ Abrams interview. The filmmaker reveals the origin story behind Episode 7. Here is an excerpt where Abrams explains why Michael Arndt left the project and why Lawrence Kasdan and him started from scratch:

“Despite my absolute, burning desire to direct a script that Michael Arndt had written, I realized I didn’t have that time,” Abrams said. “[Lucasfilm President] Kathy [Kennedy] didn’t have that time. Disney didn’t have that time. And so I sat with Larry and I said, ‘Look, there are things about the story that I know are right. And I believe we could actually answer the questions that we still need to be answered if we wrote this together.’”Kasdan agreed, but because he was now coming on board with a different position, he decided he wanted to wipe the slate clean.“For Larry’s psyche, he wanted to sort of start fresh” and abandon the script they had been working on with Arndt, Abrams said. “And I said to him, ‘Look, we’re gonna start to reincorporate very quickly many things because I know I want this young woman to be at the center of this thing. I know I want this Stormtrooper to abandon his post.’ There are just fundamental tenets of what we had come up with [with Arndt] that were gonna stick.”“That is kind of what this entire experience has been at every level,” adds Abrams: “Going backwards to go forwards.”

First Look At Greg Grunberg’s Character: X-Wing Pilot Snap Wexly

JJ Abrams’ childhood friend and actor Greg Grunberg has appeared in nearly every film JJ has ever made, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is no different. Last year Greg tweeted a confirmation that he would appear in the film, and now we get our first look at the character Grunberg plays in the film, Snap Wexley an X-Wing Resistance fighter who appears to be involved in a scene that takes place on the snow planet (or most likely the deathstar-style weapon Starkiller base).

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