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Welcome back to The Force Awakens Bits, the regular feature that will exist until Star Wars: Episode 8 decides to murder Star Wars: The Force Awakens and steal its throne. In today’s edition:

  • The amazingly awful “official” The Force Awakens music video.
  • Star Wars‘ uphill battle at the Chinese box office.
  • A certain set being recreated for Star Wars: Episode 8
  • The unfortunate end to your Poe/Finn fanfic.
  • Samuel L. Jackson is still talking about Star Wars.
  • That secret connection between The Force Awakens and Parks and Recreation.
  • The editors of The Force Awakens speak up.
  • A The Force Awakens comic that may inspire a tear or two.

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The original Star Wars trilogy was not available in China until last year, which means that the audiences there (who can often make or break the international gross of a movie) have no nostalgic attachment to this series. This has led Lucasfilm and Disney to fret over whether or not the movie will make a splash at the box office there, which has led them to hiring LuHan, a young pop star, as the “official China Ambassador for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Step one in his new gig: this spellbindingly awful music video, brought to our attention by the folks at ScreenCrush. Enjoy. Sort of.

Star Wars The Force Awakens rey speeder 2

So, how has The Force Awakens been performing in China since it opened on January 9? It depends on whom you ask and where you look. Variety reported its record-breaking $33 million opening day. Deadline offered an update, claiming that it made $52 million over the entire weekend. However, Forbes reports that its box office has plunged every day since the opening, suggesting that the film simply isn’t catching on with Chinese audiences. What does this mean? If nothing else, it means that The Force Awakens probably won’t catch up to Avatar (which was an enormous success in China) at the international box office. That’s okay. Star Wars will have to settle for only $2 billion and change.

Star Wars The Force Awakens rey and bb-8

In all seriousness, don’t weep for The Force Awakens‘ box office. Even if it doesn’t break every record, it’s broken enough records to make everyone involved happy for a long time. Deadline has compiled a complete list:

Fastest highest-grossing film at domestic B.O.: 20 days (beats Avatar‘s $760.5M)

Fastest to $700M at domestic B.O.: 16 days (crossed January 2)

Fastest to $600M at domestic B.O.: 12 days (crossed December 29)

Fastest to $500M at domestic B.O.: 10 days (crossed December 27)

Fastest to $400M at domestic B.O.: 8 days (crossed December 25)

Fastest to $300M at domestic B.O.: 5 days (crossed December 22)

Fastest to $200M at domestic B.O.: 3 days (crossed December 20)

Fastest to $100M at domestic B.O.: 21 hours (crossed December 18)

Biggest preview night ever: $57M

Biggest opening day at the domestic B.O.: $119.1M

Biggest opening weekend at the domestic B.O.: $247.97M

Highest per-theater average for a wide debut: $59,982

Best Imax opening: global ($48M) and domestic ($30.1M)

Biggest opening week at the domestic B.O.: $390.85M

Biggest opening weekend at the worldwide B.O.: $528.97M

Biggest domestic Sunday ($60.55M), Monday ($40.1M), Tuesday ($37.3M), Christmas Day ($49.3M) and New Year’s Day ($34.39M)

Biggest second domestic weekend: $149.2M

Biggest third domestic weekend: $90.2M

Pushed the total domestic annual box office to a record $11B on December 29

Fastest to cross $1 billion at global B.O.: 12 days (crossed December 27, beating Jurassic World‘s record of 13 days)

Led biggest total weekend (for all films): $312.9M (December 18-20)

Led biggest total Christmas weekend (for all films): $296.4M (December 25-27)

Biggest December foreign debut: $281M (beating Avatar’s $164.5M in 2009)

Star Wars The Force Awakens han and chewbacca

As previously suspected and reported, Star Wars: Episode 8 is recreating key areas of Skellig Michael, the Irish island that served as a location for the final scene of The Force Awakens, on sound stages and other locations. Making Star Wars notes that the production is creating “cheat” location that will double as the gorgeous, mountainous isle… it just won’t require the danger and difficulty that accompanies filming on a gorgeous, mountainous isle.

Here’s a picture of Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew and Simon Pegg hanging out, because why not? You know these two had some fun conversations. And now that Pegg has played a Star Wars alien, they can swap stories about wearing uncomfortable costumes in the desert heat.

Remember when the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II video game predicted the end of The Force Awakens by featuring the death of Han Solo at the hands of a lightsaber-wielding maniac? The internet remembers.

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