Fast & Furious Supercharged Ride


In the first room, Roman (Tyrese Gibson) appears on the screen tells the tram is can hide there from Shaw. You’re in a garage and you notice the crazy, shark like tow truck on the side as well as a massive assault vehicle. These will come into play soon. Leddy (Michelle Rodriguez) joins Roman in the video and tells everyone to turn off their cell phones as to not alert the bad guys. They then invite us to a party.

Room two is a party scene complete with four bays so every part of the tram has a unique look. Scantily clad guys and girls are dancing before the FBI arrives to shut down the party. Roman is confused and argues until his boss – Dom – shows up. Then Hobbs shows up. And you get about a minute long, fun playful banter between everyone via a lighting technique that makes them look real. (It’s called Peppers Ghost.)

Finally, it’s time to get you out of there and the tram movies into the ride section of the ride. You put on 3D glasses and the entire room becomes a huge 360 degree screen. As it starts, you have Dom driving on one side and someone else on the other side. Shaw then arrives and Dom says you’re going too slow. Leddy and Roman attach the tram to their super fast tow trucks and off to the races you go.

Fast Furious-Supercharged Michelle Rodriguez

Fast and Furious: Supercharged The Ride

Basically, the tram is running down the 110 highway in Los Angeles going toward downtown. Shaw is firing machine guns, Leddy has a crane, it’s just insanity. Smoke is flying, water is flying, Dom jump on the bottom of a helicopter and flies over the tram, and finally, the bridge is out in front of you. You hit the Nos, fly over the gap and make a perfect landing. Cue “That’s How We Roll.”

All in all, Fast and Furious Supercharged – the actual ride – probably is only 60 seconds long. But it’s a wild 60 seconds and that’s a perfect length after you’ve been on the Tram for almost an hour. The effects are crisp and clear, the sound is great and you really feel the speed. It’s a great addition to an already great ride and one that fans are sure to enjoy for years to come.

One last note. If you’ve seen the Fast and Furious movies, the ride doesn’t make much sense in the “Canon” of the series. Shaw was thought killed at the end of the sixth film, yet in Furious 7, we see that he’s still alive. Therefore, you get a feeling the ride might be a bit of a tease what to expect as the franchise leads into its Eighth installment and beyond.

Are you going to check out Fast and Furious Supercharged?

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