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Skrulls and the Cosmic Future of Phase Four

Nick Fury also wants to be in Spider-Man’s corner. We can infer that even before the redirect to Prague, Fury was pulling the strings of the travel agency behind Peter’s school trip. Seriously, would a New York public school have been able to afford a trip like that any other way?

Maybe where the story has been leading with Spider-Man in the MCU is that he will graduate high school and become a full-time Avenger. There was a nice little moment in Endgame where he and Captain Marvel introduced themselves to each other (“Hey, Peter Parker, you got something for me?”), so if she assumes the leadership duties over a new Avengers team like she has in the comics, they’ll already be acquainted.

Nick Fury isn’t the only Captain Marvel character we see in Far from Home. There’s also Talos and his wife Soren, the two Skrulls who — in the film’s post-credits scene — are revealed to have been impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill all along. The real Nick Fury is up in space, where he’s vacationing on a ship full of Skrulls.

As superficially grounded as Far from Home is, the very last image it leaves the viewer with is one that seems to hint at a more cosmic future for the MCU. Last year, I theorized that we might see Phase Four taking an Avengers-in-space approach. I joked that we might see a post-credits scene with Nick Fury telling the Phase Three survivors: “You think you’re the only heroes in the universe? You’re about to become part of a bigger cosmos.”

Far from Home doesn’t dress it up in the same exact dialogue as Iron Man’s post-credits scene, but the implication is still pretty clear that cosmic things are on the horizon. Can the Skrulls be trusted? Captain Marvel framed them as refugees who were persecuted by the Kree, but in the comics, the Skrulls were behind a full-scale secret invasion of Earth.

Even if Talos remains a good guy, there are enough Skrulls on that ship with Fury that it’s conceivable a rogue element could form among them. The Skrulls in the MCU are in a similar position to the ones in the Secret Invasion comics storyline in that they have lost their home world. If a rogue element did form, it’s possible they might see Earth as the rightful replacement for their world and seek to depose or subjugate the humans who live there.

This could involve seeding the planet with imposters, replacing heroes with their own sleeper agents like in the comics. We still don’t know the film slate for Phase Four, of course, though we may finally hear an official announcement later this month at San Diego Comic-Con. Whatever the future holds in store for Peter Parker, he’s been to space once already, as Talos-Nick so astutely points out in Far from Home. With films like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Captain Marvel 2, and The Eternals in the pipeline, don’t expect to see a lot of Earth-based Elementals in Marvel’s future.

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