Simon Kinberg is not only the man currently in control of the 20th Century Fox Marvel Universe, he’s got a foot firmly planted in the Star Wars universe too. Kinberg is a producer on Star Wars Episode VII , writing one of the spin-off films and a executive producer on Star Wars Rebels, the Disney XD cartoon he calls “the first point of entry for a new generation of Star Wars fans” and “hopefully a point of return for existing Star Wars fans.”

Watch him talk about creating the show, including the above villain the Inquisitor, in a new video.

Here’s Kinberg:

While I’m bummed he doesn’t even mention the films at all, Kinberg mentioning Han Solo might hint at which spin-off film he’s doing. Also, am I the only fan who was disappointed by Kinberg’s answers above? Empire? Han? The Cantina? Those are the most stock answers to those questions. They’re stock for a reason, obviously, but I would have loved to hear something different. But now I’m not nitpicking. I’m still incredibly excited by Star Wars Rebels.

What did you think of Kinberg’s video?

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