Yesterday, members of the British royal family stopped by the set of Star Wars: Episode 8 and there were photo opportunities a’plenty! Specifically, the set of the top-secret production was visited by the Duke of Cambridge (a.k.a. Prince William) and Prince Harry to help showcase how many jobs the Star Wars series has been consistently bringing to the United Kingdom. After all, The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and now Episode 8 have all filmed at Pinewood Studios outside of London.

As you can see in the image above, the Duke and the Prince mingled with Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson in front of a Resistance X-Wing…

…before they shared a moment with BB-8. We can safely assume that this set must be the Resistance base, which might have relocated since the events of The Force Awakens. Then again, there may be more than one Resistance base.

Also, Prince Harry go to do what every single Star Wars fan has wanted to do since 1977.

And here’s a big group shot, which also includes John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Not very much hard information came out of this visit, but the photos are certainly charming.

Actually, I may have spoken too soon! This inconspicuous shot of Prince Harry sitting in the cockpit of a Resistance ship while chatting with Mark Hamill feels like proof that A-Wings are set to return to the saga. More specifically, we’re going to get to see the latest incarnation of the A-Wing, since the ship in that picture is undeniably an A-Wing while looking just different enough to showcase the passage of time. After all, the X-Wings changed in a number of subtle ways between trilogies, so the A-Wings should follow suit.

Here are a few additional angles showing off the new A-Wing:

Speaking of Episode 8 bringing jobs to the U.K., The Movie Bit has a new batch of photos from the Ceann Sibéal set, where construction is still underway to transform the beautiful landscape into Luke Skywalker’s isolated island hideout on Ahch-To. You’ll have to click that link to check out the photos (what, do you want us to get sued?), but they offer our best look yet at the ancient “beehive” huts that Monsieur Skywalker has called home for the past however-long. The footage shot at these sets will be combined with footage shot over a few days at Skellig Michael and interior sets at Pinewood Studios to create Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill’s scenes on this planet.

Last week, Mark Hamill promised a first look at an Episode 8 trailer. Then he delivered.

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