We knew that portions of Episode 8 would be shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia and now a few details have begun to leak out. It turns out that Rian Johnson and his crew will be setting up shop in this gorgeous, seemingly ageless city from March 9 through March 16. That’s not a huge amount of time, but it also suggests the Dubrovnik scenes will be at least somewhat substantial. The question now is whether this location (which is also used to shoot the King’s Landing scenes on HBO’s Game of Thrones) will represent a new planet or a new location on a familiar one. Star Wars News Net suggests that it would make for a wonderful “ravaged by decades of war” version of Naboo, which would certainly be an interesting choice.


Speaking of the Croatian set, a separate report has emerged that suggests that a chase sequence is set to be filmed in the streets of Dubrovnik, which sounds like a nice way to make use of the city’s magnificent look (although the report says that interiors from this location have been built at Pinewood Studios in London). The production has even asked residents in the area to cover their windows, which will make replacing them with the necessary visual effects easier.

Most interesting is the production’s plan to keep drones with cameras away from the set (which was a real problem during the production of The Force Awakens). It seems that Episode 8 will have its own fleet of drones that will be equipped to “take out” drones trying to snap aerial pictures. Robots battling robots over the set of a Star Wars movie? Yes, we are living in the future.

luke skywalker

And the additional locations don’t end with Dubrovnik. Making Star Wars reports that filming will move to Ceann Sibeal in Ireland on April 20 for a little under two weeks. This spot will be the replacement for Skellig Michael, the stunning island that served as the exiled Luke Skywalker’s isolated home on the planet of Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens. The production is working to make this area more closely resemble Skellig Michael, but the extra work should be worth it. This location is more accessible and allows for a safer shoot. When combined with footage already gathered at Skellig Michael and the sets built at Pinewood, it should all be seamless.

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