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Action, Drama!

The shot begins from the kitchen of this picturesque beach house with Turtle, Eric and Drama bringing some food outside for breakfast. The conversation starts about Travis leaving with some hot girl and Drama comments that rich guys always bat out of there league. “Like Turtle with Rhonda?” Eric asks. Mixed martial artists Ronda Rossey (recently seen in Furious 7) has a significant roe in the film and the party scene is where she and Turtle will connect. (“There will be fighting,” Ferrara tells us after. “And there will be blood.”) Drama says, “She’s more likely to break his wind pipe than bang his malnourished ass.” Or, at least, tries to say that.

Dillon struggles mightily with the line, and needs at least a dozen takes for the whole group to get everything right. The trio joke a bit more about the Ronda and Turtle before Vince wakes up and comes down for breakfast. He immediately asks Eric about Ari’s reaction to the movie, but they haven’t heard back yet. This is not a good sign. Drama tries to ease Vince’s mind with “All your favorites, bro: Eggs Benedict, freshly baked croissants, a champaign infused sherry and freshly squeezed guava juice.” It’s Dillon’s delivery of this line in particular that really cracks up Ellin. Vince isn’t hungry though so Turtle says not to worry. The guys agree. Whether he likes the movie or not, “Fuck Ari.” Just then the phone rings. It’s Ari. “Do you think he heard us?” Drama asks. End of scene.

The Entourage Shooting Process

This is a long scene with lots of dialogue and besides Dillon’s consistent struggle with the words “wind pipe “ and “malnourished” the way the scene evolves is quite interesting. They start with a rehearsal, where a stedicam operator follows the three guys from the kitchen backwards out the door to the table. Two other cameras are filming too, which will be the master. After a really basic run through, the guys – including Ellin – decide to shoot the rehearsal. And it’s bad. “That’s as clumsy as it’s gonna get,” Ferrara exclaims as he walks back to the beginning of the shot. He and Ellin also try and figure out a funny way for Turtle to do a toast with the guava juice but, after one or two takes, it’s abandoned.


When Dillon blows a line, sometimes Ellin calls cut, other times they quickly run back to the beginning of the shot and keep shooting. Ellin is making Entourage on film so it exhibits a huge trust in his actors that the director sometimes let them pick up without yelling “Cut.” (Dillon regularly, but not always, lets out a huge grunt before the scene, much like his character).

Dillon gets close, then fumbles his line, again and again. Connolly offers some advice of how to make the words work easier (by slowing them down) and even when it looks like they finally nail it, Ellin isn’t satisfied. If this was the TV show, he might be fine with it, but this is Entourage the movie and they have more time. At one point, Ellin even calls cut right in the middle of the scene and Connolly and Ferrara yell at him. “That had that feeling,” they say.

Good Vibes All Around

That feeling – the feeling of comfort, ease and playfulness – is everywhere on the Entourage set. Even after almost 15 total takes on this one small scene, the energy is still high. People are joking and laughing. Like fans, the people making Entourage are just glad Entourage is back. If the film is a success, it could come back again too. “It’s funny, when the show ended, it was like, ‘Well, you know, hopefully we do the movie, see you on the movie set.’ And now it’s like, ‘Hope to see you for the sequel,’ Connolly joked. Ellin, however, is a little more pessimistic .“I’m not even thinking about it,” he said. “We have to make a good movie. HBO has a big audience, but the world is bigger so we’ll see if there’s an audience for it. I mean, we love working together, we love doing it, if the people want it, that’d be great but I’m really just focused on making this one good.”


Entourage opens June 3.


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