Is there a movie star more universally beloved right now than Dwayne Johnson? The guy is so powerfully charismatic, he’s been dubbed “franchise Viagra.” He can rock the hell out of a Taylor Swift anthem and make a gritty Bambi reboot seem like a good idea. He’s such a likable figure, in fact, that even Steven Spielberg can’t resist sending him fan mail.

Johnson revealed that he recently got an admiring letter from the iconic director, which he said made him “grin like a big ass kid.” Read the Dwayne Johnson Steven Spielberg letter, and see Johnson’s reaction to it, after the jump. 

In a recent interview, Esquire asked Johnson if he could pinpoint a single moment when he knew he’d made it. Johnson responded:

About three weeks ago, I’m here at the house and I get a letter—”Been enjoying your movies over the years. Very entertaining. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you over the years, most recently after watching you host Saturday Night Live. Great job. You continue to go for it. Proud of your work and look forward to meeting you. Steven Spielberg.” It took me back to being just like a kid. I was so blown away.

Maybe it’s not so surprising that Spielberg is a big fan of Johnson’s. Who isn’t, after all? He’s the kind of guy who can win over suburban moms, jaded hipsters, little kids, macho men, and everyone in between.

But Johnson being Johnson, his reaction was more humble than arrogant.

Grinnin' now like a big ass kid… When I was 8yrs old I sat front row to see a sold out INDIANA JONES in its opening weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. I walked out of that theater excited and wanted to be "Indy".. cool, funny, charming with the ladies and kickin' ass w/ a smile. But at 8yrs old I was also perfectly content playing w/ my Star Wars figures and sneaking off listening to Richard Pryor concerts. Throughout the years I've credited this man and his movies as being my greatest inspiration in becoming an actor and wanting to always make "his kind" of movies – entertaining, quality and above all else.. heart. Just receiving this personal letter from him and its not only made me incredibly humbled and grateful, but it's also brought me back to being that 8yr old boy again who not only loves movies, but I now get to make the movies I love and enjoy the impact they have on others. THANK YOU STEVEN SPIELBERG for these inspiring and motivating words in your letter and cheers to making sure I'm always listening to that little voice in my gut. #CoolestGiftEver #BigAss8yrOldKid #SpielbergInspired

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The Rock is known for his thousand-watt smile, but even by his standards that’s a huge, adorable, dopey grin. Psst, Spielberg, if you’re looking for a new Indy — and rumor has it you are — maybe you should consider this guy. “Cool, funny, charming with the ladies and kickin’ ass with a smile” describes Johnson as well as it does Indy.

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