279. The Elegant Captain Hook

Captain Hook is a great villain in the annals of Disney animation. Yet all he gets is this limp number, about which the less said, the better.

278. Who Wants To Live Like That?

This cheery song, performed by James Baskett’s Uncle Remus, has a nice tune, but is still a wince-inducing case of the stereotyping in Song of the South.

277. The Caterpillar (AEIOU) Song

Richard Haydn is fun as the Caterpillar, but this is as slight as the smoke emanating from the Caterpillar’s hookah.


276. The Journey (Who Will Rescue Me?)

The songs in The Rescuers are, with one exception, maudlin affairs. “The Journey (Who Will Rescue Me?)” isn’t much different, but is the best of the sad bunch.

275. The Reluctant Dragon

This song, accompanying the short that appears in the latter half of this unjustly forgotten 1941 film, is witty, but not catchy.

274. Peace on Earth

Most songs in Lady and the Tramp are short, and the querulously sung “Peace on Earth,” which appears after the opening credits, is no different.


273. Frozen Heart

You remember this song, right? It shows up early in Frozen, foregrounding the conflict to come. Unlike some of the film’s later, not-great songs, this one’s just forgettable.

272. Healing Incantation

Rapunzel heals her true love, Flynn Rider, through this solidly sung, but too brief number.

271. What is a Baby?

What indeed. This song, meant to voice Lady’s confused thoughts as she encounters the interloper, is a deliberately simplistic poem.

270. Fee Fi Fo Fum

The Giant’s sole song in “Mickey and the Beanstalk” fits the familiar phrase we associate with such large creatures. However, it’s super-short and not tuneful.

269. We’ll Smoke the Blighter Out

When Alice grows so large that she overtakes a house, it’s up to two animals to remove her. How? Well…read the title!

268. Following the Leader

The casual racism of Peter Pan rears its head again in “Following the Leader,” which has the mild benefit of being catchier than “What Makes The Red Man Red?”

267. Fixer Upper

This isn’t the lowest-ranking Frozen song because “Frozen Heart” is as long as this sentence. But “Fixer Upper” is so superfluous that it won’t be in the Broadway musical, which is longer than the movie.

266. Let’s Sing a Gay Little Spring Song

This is as disposable as a Disney song gets.

265. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum

Four minutes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is devoted to the dwarves washing themselves before having dinner. Three minutes too many.

264. In Summer

Josh Gad’s deliberately goofy singing voice aside, “In Summer” is an unnecessary time-waster in Frozen.

263. Alice in Wonderland

A sweet, pleasant title song plays over the credits of Alice in Wonderland. Lyrically, there’s not as much playfulness as in Lewis Carroll’s writing.

262. Katrina

Bing Crosby’s dulcet tones make “Katrina” mildly charming, but this song, unlike others in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, is less enjoyable.

261. Dalmatian Plantation

There aren’t many songs in 101 Dalmatians, and we all know which is best. But “Dalmatian Plantation” is a bouncy and catchy closer.

260. The Caucus Race

“The Caucus Race” is only a bit better than the other brief, manic songs here because it’s got a sprightly melody.

259. A Pirate’s Life

There’s a steep drop-off between the two good songs in Peter Pan and others. Largely, “A Pirate’s Life” fails because it’s nowhere near Disney’s best pirate-themed song.

258. I’ve Got a Dream

I’m a firm advocate for character actors lending their voices to Disney animated movies. But this squanders many talents.

257. A Girl Worth Fighting For 

A bunch of comic-relief soldiers, including one voiced by Harvey Fierstein, sings this hopeful number midway through Mulan. It’s hard to grasp why anyone thought it was a good idea to give the scratchy-voiced Fierstein lines in this, or any, song.

256. Our Town

This should work: James Taylor sings an emotional Randy Newman number in a Pixar movie. But “Our Town” is based on an emotional idea that doesn’t work in context.

255. Vuelie

Yes, the chanting that opens Frozen is an original song. “Vuelie” is a solid start, even if the other songs don’t match its haunting quality.

254. One Song

What do you remember about the prince in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? He definitely kisses her. And he has this brief number. That’s about it.

253. Song of the South

This overwrought opening number to the controversial 1946 film sets the stage for the melodrama to come. Some of Song of the South is worth discussing, but this song isn’t.

252. My Name is James

This early song from James and the Giant Peach sets the tone for a series of largely unremarkable songs courtesy of Randy Newman. His Pixar work’s better.

251. That’s What Makes The World Go Round

This song is meant as an encouraging bit of advice from Merlin to Wart, but the lyrics are too basic (“For every high, there is a low”) to stand out.

250. Thomas O’Malley Cat

Thomas O’Malley is very close to Baloo from The Jungle Book, also voiced by Phil Harris. “Thomas O’Malley Cat,” thus, is a hollow retread of “The Bare Necessities.”

249. That’s the Life for Me

At least this song has actors like Susan Sarandon to Simon Callow. But the lyrics and melody are as limp as they are in the other numbers.

248. Too Good to be True

“Bongo” is a romance between two bears, and this dreamy ballad sung by Dinah Shore plays as they first fall in love at first sight.

247. The Winner Song

This song functions as a running gag, as various characters try to find Eeyore’s tail and get feted with “The Winner Song,” only to realize they’ve failed. It’s cute, but slight.

246. One Little Slip

Chicken Little is Disney’s worst animated film (meaning it’s actually bad, not just “bad for Disney”). But the Barenaked Ladies’ “One Little Slip” is fine, fitting the film’s obnoxious tone without sounding obnoxious.

245. He Mele No Lilo

Lilo & Stitch isn’t known for its songs, and though the 2002 film does have one solid number, it’s not “He Mele No Lilo.”

244. Eating the Peach

Characters eat a peach in James and the Giant Peach, and sing about it in this uninspired piece.

243. One Last Hope

While Danny DeVito tries hard in this song, where his trainer Phil makes it clear to Hercules how desperate he is for a hero, his singing is…as good (or bad) as you think.

242. Immortals

Big Hero 6 is mildly underrated Disney, but “Immortals,” performed by Fall Out Boy in the end credits, isn’t.

241. Lazy Countryside

Both halves of Fun and Fancy Free feature brief songs, most of which are as un-remembered as the film. The seductive “Lazy Countryside” is the best of these.

240. Logo te Pate

One of three songs in Moana written by Opetaia Foa’i, “Logo te Pate” is pleasant, but serves as the backing for a montage in the film.

239. Mexico

This song, an ode to the country bordering the States, is decent but plodding, especially compared to The Three Caballeros’ other numbers.

238. Blue Shadows on the Trail

Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers have a better song on this list, but “Blue Shadows on the Trail” is a nice, laid-back ballad with echo-y, haunting sound effects.

237. Tulou Tagaloa

This sets the stage for Moana, playing over the opening credits. It’s a fine place-setter.

236. It’s Gonna Be Great

The pairing of Tigger and Eeyore seems fitting, but this song is repetitive and short.

235. Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat

The big setpiece in The Aristocats is “Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat,” a psychedelically animated, if familiar and very long, song led by Phil Harris and Scatman Crothers.


Look for part two of this ranking tomorrow, with the third and final part arriving the day after that.

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