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PETER: Yeah, he’s great.  As we’re getting closer to A New Hope and with Rogue One coming out and we’re getting closer to the timeline of that film as well. I was kind of expecting us to maybe see like a Rebels character in that.  And when it was revealed that Saw Gerrera was gonna be in that, I was surprised that they chose a Clones character. So how did that happen?  Why are there no Rebels characters, but there’s a Clones Wars character in that movie?

DAVE: You know, I don’t know.  It’s interesting to me.  I will say, I feel that as the productions have moved along, you think about Rebels was up and running and we’re figuring what all of that is and Rogue One is up and running and they’re telling that story, I feel there’s a nice bit of continuity between the two pieces.  I think that they are going to fit really well.  And of course I know John Knoll well.  And I’ve met Gareth Edwards several times and Gary Whitta as well.  So, we as a bunch of fans can conspire for little things.  We want each thing to be unique in its own way and have its own thing.  So a tough thing is that I never wanna put something out ahead of its appearance in say Rogue One.  I want it to be special when it’s on screen there.  And they don’t wanna ape anything that we’re doing.  So we try to collaborate to figure things out.  I like the reaching back into Clone Wars, because obviously for personal reasons, but Saw is a character that makes a lot of sense for the type of story they were telling.  And I like that it seeds off of the ideas that we had at Lucasfilm in the very early days of Rebellion story, which is that it is rooted out of Jedi’s training these groups on a small planetary scale.  And that those are the seeds that were placed throughout the galaxy of the Rebellion.  So in that way it makes a lot of sense and, you know, again, personally I like that it points you back towards that material and since hey, you wanna know everything, you should probably be watching this.  So I think that it’s pretty strong for that.  And I think Forest Whitaker is pretty exciting as Saw Gerrera, right?  So…

PETER: Oh he’s awesome.  Did they talk to you very early on when they were developing that script about Saw?

DAVE: Oh I heard it was happening and I talked to them a little about it.  But for me it was easy, I was like yeah, go watch the episodes.  You know, go watch the episodes.  Then if you have questions, let me know.  And I think that it’s like anything.  It’s gonna find, you know, it’s own footing and as a character it’s so many years later.  They had a lot of room to decide, you know, who is this man now?  But I talked to them about what I thought and how I thought he was affected, especially to Kiri Hart.  But yeah, we’ll see.  It’s exciting.  And you never know what ends up in these films.  You know, so we’ll have to wait and see.


PETER: Yeah.  Another thing we saw in the trailer was Wedge, and in an unexpectedly new uniform there.  Can you talk any bit about that?

DAVE: Just a little.  It’s kind of a fun thing. One of the biggest things and it may be the rain cloud in the room, but, every writer that comes on, they pitch I’d love to see this, I’d love to see that.  What about Biggs?  What about Porkins?  You know and but you wanna be careful not to make it like the Celebrity Laugh-In show where celebrity guests are appearing.  But we hadn’t had someone of that nature.  Kind of like a pilot.  We have a lot of Rebel pilots.  And well maybe some of these guys crossover.  So you get Wedge and you get Y-Wings, which is kind of showing us again that we’re building towards that New Hope moment where the Rebels seem to be structured in a different way than we were in the beginning of Star Wars Rebels, which is they were just a band on their own with very little communication to a major core.  And I’ve said for a couple seasons now that they’re building towards a more Rebel Alliance.  But at the point we started you didn’t have Alliance.  You had ragtag groups spread throughout the galaxy that had different ideas about politics.  But all they could agree on was the Empire’s bad.  And you’ll see that as we go that some of those characters that you know more famously from the Rebellion start to come into play now from Star Wars Rebels ’cause they have to.  And Wedge is just, you know, everybody loves Wedge, ’cause he somehow inexplicably survived all three films.  So he gets a lot of fan love for that.

PETER: Yeah.  That’s a new back story for him, right?  That’s new canon.

DAVE: Yeah, it is new canon back story.  So I’m sure that, you know, it’s violating something somewhere.  But, you know, if you wanna be a good pilot you were probably enlisted in the Empire.  So…


PETER: Okay, my final question is Thrawn.  He’s a fan favorite.  Everybody loved him and everybody thought he was gone from canon.  So now you’re bringing him back into canon.  How does that work?  Like how do you pick and choose what you’re gonna use from that Extended Universe or the Legends or what you’re going to make your own?

DAVE: I guess the most honest answer would be well because I can write it and do it, then I’ll pick the things I liked.  That might is not the most fair, but we have a story group and I lean on them.  And Kiri Hart and I have very similar feeling about things and how Star Wars works and what feels like the Classic Trilogy and what doesn’t.  Thrawn always did to me from day one reading him.  I was actually really thrilled the first time I read the book and like I’m so glad that the primary villain of this trilogy isn’t a Force wielder.  I found that immensely fascinating that you could have somebody that could go toe to toe with them.  I’ll be honest, I was never that excited about Ysalamir and this idea of a Force bubble.  I thought he could be actually smart enough to counter Jedi without that.  So you’re never probably not gonna ever see those things show up.

The way I would write something like that is to say that they were something that was rumored and that’s very true in Zahn’s version.  That they’re hard to find.  That they’re almost legendary beasts.  But Timothy Zahn’s right in saying that like okay, if these things exist, why isn’t everybody using them?  You don’t wanna kind of create those type of flaws in our world.  So we’ve kind of tried to up his patience and his intellect and his analytical skills.  We had a crazy crossover that Kiri and I were always excited about with Sabine.  We have actually a character that’s making art operatively.  Which is one of the key things Thrawn uses to kind of dissect and undermine his opponents.

So you’ll see as the season goes on that he’s actually really interested in what Sabine is doing and how her graffiti and the tags she leaves and whatnot can work against them because he’s learning.  He’s constantly learning.  And I think for fans as well with Thrawn, they have to get used to a very long game.  Simon and I were very concerned as was Henry Gilroy about having Thrawn and having him on a losing record every week.  You know, and we just can’t do that to our villains.  It’s always a problem.  We did it on the Grand Inquisitor, we did one with Vader.  So I think we’ve done a pretty good job of writing it so that no matter what’s happening in the episodes, you know that Thrawn is kind of watching this like in the first two episodes.  And he’s like oh there’s only three ships there?  Call off the attack.  That’s not the Rebel fleet.

So he’s interested in learning about these guys where all the other Imperials are kind of just dismissed them and gone in head on.  So that’s what’s exciting I think to me about Thrawn.  And those are a lot of character traits that he had.  And we’ll just see.  It was pretty successful yesterday I thought just to reveal him.  The excitement.  And I think it’s good honestly for like Lucasfilm as a whole company to acknowledge that excitement around the character that came from the E.U.  And, you know, everybody needs to take a look at these things and say, what’s there?  Sometimes we’re going we wanna create a new character.  And Pablo Hidalgo and I go, we’ll go I hear what you’re saying.  There is a character like that that was in the E.U.  Maybe we could take that character, bring them back and just tweak them a little bit to meet our needs.  And I’m very interested in that kind of stuff because fans have such a history with those characters.  And you see how meaningful it was yesterday when we revealed him.

PETER: I agree.  Thank you very much.

DAVE: Hey, nice to talk to you.  Thanks for all the articles and the video blogs, you know.  Your opinions, It really helps just to have word out there on a show like ours.  People that read and discuss and, you know, so thanks.

PETER: I love it, it’s really good.

DAVE: Thank you so much.

The Clone Wars

PETER: I honestly never got into Clone Wars and–

DAVE: I know you didn’t. It’s a different type of show…

PETER: I’ve been meaning to delve into it.  And but Rebels has been really like–

DAVE: One of the big differences between the two shows is how we follow one group of characters on Rebels.  And in Clone Wars, you’ll do an episode arc about Clones, an episode arc about Ahsoka, an episode arc about Droids.  And it’s a much more broken up feeling thing.

PETER: It was very episodic, which was what I–

DAVE: Yeah, a variety show feeling.

PETER: I’ve only seen the first season.

DAVE: Oh yeah, that’s not the best.

PETER: I’ve heard everybody tell–

DAVE: The later seasons, yeah.

PETER: Everybody tells me season two.  Start with season two. 

DAVE: Yeah. I mean, I sometimes tell people that. You can start with season one, but you might like it more if you start with season two or three.

PETER: But I’m a completionist who hates skipping around. Like I’d never skip to chapter 4 of a book.

DAVE: And also, you know, because of the arcs, you can feel an episode is very like political in nature.  And you can say well maybe I don’t wanna watch that one.  I don’t wanna watch the Jar Jar episode, you know.  You can kind of pick and choose like a buffet with Clone Wars.  So…

PETER: Well thank you very much, Dave.

DAVE: Thank you.

PETER: I appreciate it.

DAVE: Have a great day.

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